Cholesterol Imbalance Causing Motor Neurone Disease?


A new theory is making rounds regarding Motor Neuron Disease, which is known to alter muscles in a major way. And, it claims that underlying cause is cholesterol imbalance. Here, it is noteworthy that this big as it is set to pave way better treatments.

About the Study:

The researchers are from University of Exeter, and vary evidence backing their claims – cholesterol and fat levels cause motor neurone disease. Here, it is pertinent to note that body cells form themselves into need compartments. And, a number of gene mutations result in an imbalance in fat levels.

In the UK alone, about 25000 people suffer from one or the other type of this disease – has many forms.

The challenges that come with it are again multiple. For starters, it is hard to diagnose. And the, it is seeing a dearth of treatment options. Thus, stopping the disease in its track is a hard job. And, the problem for starters is a result of a wide variety of symptoms that change in different stages. In fact, even in two different members of the same family, symptoms vary.

But, thanks to the research under the lens, effective resolution is in sight. The fact that just blood samples hold potential to show severity and course od disease, is a big step ahead. Additionally, they it is paving the way for better treatment outcomes as it monitors effects of drugs quite well.

Here, it needs pointing out that the research is particularly useful for spastic paraplegias. It is a group of conditions in the motor neurone type that is quite large. Basically, it deals with spinal cord and how the cells in the upper part interact with fibers of the muscles.

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