Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries Market Predicted To Surpass (Revenues/Values) By the End of 2026


Global Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries Market: Overview

Cosmetics constitute a wide range of chemicals that are used to manufacture products that enhance physical beauty. Such products are also used for remedial purposes. Various chemicals such as alcohols, aldehyde polymers, petroleum products, essential oils, pigments, surfactants, inorganic chemicals, fatty chemicals, ketones, and colorants are employed in the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market. When used in cosmetic or toiletry formulations, these chemicals enhance properties such as aroma, moisturizing, and conditioning.

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Global Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries Market: Key Segments

Based on function, the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market can be classified into processing aids, specialty additives, and active ingredients. Active ingredients are documented to have a pharmacological altering effect on skin. Active ingredients include substances such as Benzoyl peroxide, Skin-lightening agents, Various Plant extracts, Oil, Waxes, Vitamins, Proteins and Sunscreen ingredients. Demand for anti-aging products has been rising in countries with high proportion of the elderly population such as the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Italy, and Germany.

In terms of application, the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market can be segmented into skin care products, hair care products and perfumes. Cosmetic for males, like skin whitening, facial care, deodorants and sun care treatments are also recording solid development, globally. The usage of chemical substances in skincare products is rising globally as manufacturers are introducing new and inventive products.  There is a growing consumer preference for non-animal-based, natural and mild products.

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Global Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries Market: Trends & Developments

Increase in demand for sun protection products, anti-aging products, and skin lightening products is driving the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market. Rising demand for beauty products that are customized to the needs of specific ethnic groups is also one of the factor driving the demand for the global chemicals for cosmetics and toiletries market. However, rise in environmental concerns due to the non-degradable and inorganic nature of toiletries is expected to restrain the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market in the near future. Plastic micro beads which play the role of scrubbing and exfoliating agents have been known of causing harm to life in water bodies and are under pressure for being phased out.

Global Chemicals for Cosmetics & Toiletries Market: Key Players

Major players operating in the global chemicals for cosmetics & toiletries market include BASF SE, Terry Laboratories, US Cosmetics Corporation, Bayer AG, Clariant International Ltd, Dow Chemical Company, ECKART GmbH, Firmenich International SA, J.M. Huber Corporation., Jeen International , Schulke and Mayr GmbH, Shell Chemicals and Lonza Group Ltd.

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