Chatbots for Covid-19 Management; Understanding Impact


A pandemic is raging across the planet, humans are at a very high risk of contracting the infection – COVID – 19.  At this time, technology is playing a commendable role. From risk assessment, safety precautions and analysis of symptoms to elaborating on care resources and local testing, it covers all. And, this is particularly true of Coronavirus Health Chats – a product of Conversa Health that hit the market recently.

The company is also known for its other programs, which it shares credit for with CDC and clinicians. And, this suite for COVID-19 helps hospitals and other healthcare systems to manage the crisis. Here, it is pertinent to name some of the top programs. Mainly, these include COVID-19 Screener & Triage, COVID-19 Lab Results, COVID-19 QuarantineChecks, and COVID-19 Employee HealthScreener.

About the Chatbots by Conversa:

Leveraging the virtual health platform of the company, the chatbots facilitates monitoring, engaging, and managing patient health. And, this is not for a particular use-case as it covers OBGYN, acute discharge, chromic care, perioperative, and other cases. Besides, the frequency of outreach is beyond what one sees in in-person or even telemedicine interactions.

Here, it is noteworthy that New York is a hotspot of such technological intervention. And, one witnesses about 3 major healthcare providers making use of Conversa’s chatbots and programs to manage cases.

This is not a surprise really for those who know the condition of New York. However, to spell it out for those who don’t – the state is bursting at the seams with cases. As a result, certain shortages are emerging and Northwell’s Michael Dowling – the CEO – is now overseeing the situation.

Here, note that the healthcare system is glad with the impact created by the scale and speed of these. As per Holly Kohler, VP – Patient Access Services – Northwell, use of a number of Conversa programs is of much help.

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