Cephalopods can be important food source, A Research Suggest

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Among people working in the gastronomy are trying to explore the local waters for using the available resources in the more versatile ways. They used the count of cephalopod inhabitants as a counterbalance to the declining fishing activities in order to find another rich source of protein to replace meat.

These stock of wild fishes are treated; thus, it is difficult to take efforts on establish new culture under water due to polluted water resources. Parallelly, the population of squid, cuttlefish, and octopus is growing; thus, investigation on the getting people to consume cephalopods in the part of the world where the tradition of consuming these things in the region, said Ole G. Mouritsen,  Professor at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH FOOD) in Denmark.

Together with the Klavs Styrbaek, chef and the writer of the article published in the English scientific journal Frontiers in Communication under the title ‘Cephalopod Gastronomy – A Promise for the Future’.

Cephalopods are popular for its adaptable properties to a wide range of temperature. The recent studies show that the global population is growing substantially from past few years which is leading to reduce the number of the cephalopods. Cephalopods have lifespan of 2 to 3 years and of 18 meter long which can efficient for converting food into muscle which can be used as rich source of healthy proteins. But these are difficult to maintain their number as they require special and costly food.

Though cephalopods are traditional food for numerous countries and are a part of food culture it has to be introduced in numerous countries.

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