Latest, cutting edge technologies are not just transforming urban lives, they are also proving instrumental in conserving wildlife. Some such technologies include thermal imaging, digital data monitoring tourist flow, biometrics, closed circuit TV cameras, and IoT. Advanced communication methods are also being used to establish connection of rangers with various devices. Technology Brings About Dramatic Reduction in Poaching Take for example a pilot project, entailing such technologies, in South Africa’s

Food Technology and Research to Boost Crop Nutrients

Considerable catastrophic impact is caused on the planet Earth by climate changes. The climate change negatively impacts the growth of the crop yields. This leads to decrease in nutrients in food staple like vegetable, rice, and legumes. This may lead to decrease in nutrients amount in human body, ultimately resulting in malnutrition. According to a Agri-tech expert, the standard of the food quality is continuously decreasing every day. This is


The island country of South-east Asia, Singapore is into news again, And this time it is not about the beautiful holiday packages that the country is providing but a technically different achievement. The latest achievement of Singapore is the practical application of drones in all sectors including food delivery to online packaging delivery. Seems like a dream for many countries until now. Singapore being the global hub fir education, finance,

AI to Figure out Way of Audit on Violation of EU’s Privacy Rules

The privacy regulator in the UK has appointed the first academic professional for improving the artificial intelligence (AI) and has asked him to figure out the way of audit ‘black box’ of AI algorithm. Even after Brexit, the UK has accepted the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was imposed from 25 May via the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018. This GDPR has analyzed the works for how


How will you feel if surfaces such as glass wall, car door, and wooden table can be converted into user interface without the need of any touch screen or physical button? This is what the HyperSurfacess, a startup based in London is planning and dreaming about. HyperSurfacess played a major role behind the Mogees line of music devices and software, which is uncovering cmajor breakthrough in UI technology. The sensor

Next Big Revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is at the beginning of the digital revolution and the growth possibilities are endless. The analysts said that there are near about 4.9 billion connected devices and this number is likely to increase by four times during the next four to five years. Nearly 50 billion devices such as TV and smartphones will be connected by the end of 2020, said the report by the global research organization.


With agile deep-pocketed players betting big on it, smart televisions have become mainstream. The result, more evolved versions underpinned by the latest-cutting edge technologies being rolled out every now and then. One such to hit the market recently is by LG. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has created quite a stir with its best-in-class display, digital assistants, and other functionalities and features. It must be noted that almost all of


Supercomputing, or advanced high performance computing, is a procedure for taking care of to a great degree complex data loaded issues by utilizing the concentrated handling intensity of various, parallel PCs. Applications extend from genomics to cosmic computations to finding therapeutic medications. Nonetheless, up until this point, these amazing devices have battled with capacity stages restricted by inflexible systems that drive clients to pick either customization of features or high


Like everywhere in the world, British Columbia is gearing for the rollout of 5G that would take the communication to the next level. 5G spells hyper-connectivity. It’s a massive leap from 1G that gave us our very first cellular phones. And 5G’s precursor, the 4G, enabled fast wireless speeds we are used to today. With 5G far more can be accomplished such as self-driving cars, futuristic smart cities, highly coordinated


Time and tide waits for none. With time, the age old generation has made way not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of technology. 21st century has opened up new gates of invention and discovery and will continue to do so. At present, “SMART” is the new trend. Starting from smart phones, to smart gadgets and now smart homes. The famous “home sweet home” has now changed