With agile deep-pocketed players betting big on it, smart televisions have become mainstream. The result, more evolved versions underpinned by the latest-cutting edge technologies being rolled out every now and then. One such to hit the market recently is by LG. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has created quite a stir with its best-in-class display, digital assistants, and other functionalities and features. It must be noted that almost all of


Supercomputing, or advanced high performance computing, is a procedure for taking care of to a great degree complex data loaded issues by utilizing the concentrated handling intensity of various, parallel PCs. Applications extend from genomics to cosmic computations to finding therapeutic medications. Nonetheless, up until this point, these amazing devices have battled with capacity stages restricted by inflexible systems that drive clients to pick either customization of features or high


Like everywhere in the world, British Columbia is gearing for the rollout of 5G that would take the communication to the next level. 5G spells hyper-connectivity. It’s a massive leap from 1G that gave us our very first cellular phones. And 5G’s precursor, the 4G, enabled fast wireless speeds we are used to today. With 5G far more can be accomplished such as self-driving cars, futuristic smart cities, highly coordinated


Time and tide waits for none. With time, the age old generation has made way not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of technology. 21st century has opened up new gates of invention and discovery and will continue to do so. At present, “SMART” is the new trend. Starting from smart phones, to smart gadgets and now smart homes. The famous “home sweet home” has now changed

Rocket Launch

Rocket Lab’s Electron supporter propelled six little satellites and a drag cruise demonstrator to circle Sunday from New Zealand, a win on the organization’s first business mission that authorities said should make ready for a dispatch conveying NASA CubeSats one month from now and up to 16 flights of the light-class rocket one year from now. Rocket Lab’s objective isn’t gone for placing individuals into space or sending them to

Researchers Develop New Camera Model to Detect Objects in 4K/8K Video

Franz Franchetti and research understudy Vít Růžička have as of late built up another model that empowers quick and precise object detection in high-goals 4K and 8K video film utilizing GPUs. Their consideration pipeline strategy does a two-arrange assessment of each picture or video outline under harsh and refined goals, constraining the aggregate number of assessments important. In light of profound learning calculations, the cameras convey great and precise conduct

Infinity Flex Display by Samsung to Develop Foldable Screen that Converts Smartphone into Tablet

Justin Denison the senior vice president of mobile product marketing introduced prototype foldable smartphone in its recent Samsung developer conference held in San Francisco. While introducing the product, he said that the mass production will be carried out in the next few months. The new screen is foldable and can convert a smartphone into a tablet. Further Denison added that foldable screen is the foundation of tomorrow’s smartphone. In addition,

Business Leaders

Technology and digitization are changing the face of how companies cater to their customers through services and products that are well-suited to the needs of a diverse consumer base. Innovative technologies are providing leaders with tools that can help carve out more profitable and sustainable businesses and engage better with both consumers and employees. Realizing these benefits, an increased number of organizations are adopting new technologies such as the Internet

Starch Accumulation in Algae

A collective study from the researchers of Tohoku University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan showed that algae-based starch is ready to start at a large-scale. The algae-derived starch is an important bioresource for the fuel such as biofuels and renewable materials which have the potential to replace the fossil fuel and account a share in the development of wearable systems. This study was published in The Plant Journal that


The smart home industry has showcased impressive growth potential over the years and has allured a large number of technology behemoths into trying their lucks in the field. However, only a few names have been able to establish their dominance in the market that is still in its early phases of development as making their presence felt through the steady introduction of novel and technologically advanced products is a must