Earthquake Prediction Gets A Push with Machine Learning Algorithm

A new artificial intelligence (AI) based technique recognizes sounds that show when a fault is going to break. Researchers based at Los Alamos National Laboratory distributed two papers Monday in the Nature Geoscience Journal announcing what they say could be a leap forward in anticipating earthquakes. One paper is based on a lab study. The other focuses unobtrusive seismic flags along the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest. Earlier,


Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons that is covered in ice. Underneath the ice though, it has a salty ocean. According to scientists, it is most likely to host life forms. The American Geophysical Union recently proposed a way to reach the ocean surface. This will be done by melting the ice with a nuclear-powered robot. The ice is expected to be anywhere between 2 to 30 km thick. To


Chinese researchers are trying to improve the technology for attempting perfect human gene-editing technology. Recent work by researcher He Jiankui is controversial due to his claim of using the gene-editing tool known as Crispr. He has used the tool on twin girls when they were embryos; thus, he is facing more criticism. Less controversial usage of the tool is generally on the adults. The researcher is thinking to push limits

Collaborative Technology Can up Productivity

Modern day collaborative tools can play a key role in facilitating seamless operations and employee productivity. Of course, simply installing such tools is not a cure for all the cultural challenges. But, nevertheless, it is a crucial step for managing a distributed workforce. And there is no dearth of such collaboration technologies in the market. Some such popular ones include BlueJeans and Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Video, Lifesize and


Amazon inaugurated the first Amazon Go store in Seattle in 2016 on their own premises, especially for their employees. Now, the company has three Amazon GO stores in Seattle, Chicago, and Francisco. The company has recently announced a new store in New York, while the company is considering opening a store at the airport in London. The company is aiming to open a total 3,000 stores by the end of


Effective communication plays a pivotal role in carrying out any task by humans or robot. However, things are lot different when it comes to humans completing a task. This is because we have intuition and experience. It enables us to coordinate better. We can use it to handle unforeseen situations. Not so with robots. This is because they cannot think beyond programming to adapt themselves to the immediate environment. Operating


Displacement of people due to flood, war, and breakup of empires is ongoing from the end of World War I. The governments and international communities are struggling to help these people due to their loss of identity. The identity is crucial for every facility in the crisis such as a shelter, services, receiving funds, and moving to other countries. When displaced people don’t, have an identity, it is hard to


Anyone planning to buy iPhone 5G in 2019, will now have to wait until 2020. This is because Apple Inc. is planning to hold off its plans to launch a mobile phone with ultra-speed 5G service until 2020 at the earliest. This was announced recently. The delay in launch of the Apple phone will help the rival company like Samsung to win more consumers, feel market pundits. On the other


A wise man once said, “Spread Peace, Not war, Heaven will not be far”. The after effects of Second World War had petrified humanity to a level where nations came up to build peace and promised not to declare war on one another; at least not until it is really necessary. However, the silent competition of being the most powerful nation in the world is still continuing, but now in

Google’s Shoewear to Enhance Virtual Reality Experience for Consumers

The virtual reality may be notable experience, but the technology has certain boundaries. The technology giant, Google, has developed and patented the shoes which can compete with the virtual reality trough making it more engaging for clients. Meanwhile, originally, the patent was filed on 9th may, 2018, and detailed information about the shoes guide the consumers to move through virtual environment. Also, shoewear highlighted in the Google filling could be