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Save earth

The terrible rate of biological destruction announced for this present week is 60% of the vertebrates on the Earth has been gone since 1970. This is driven basically by the food business. Fishing and cultivation are the significant reasons for the decline of both terrestrial and marine biological systems. Meat which is consumed in more prominent amounts by the rich people than poor people,  is the major reason of all.

Will Technology Grant Humans Super Powers in Reality?

Technology is advancing at an impressive pace and many familiar objects and concepts of the past few decades have been taken over by more advanced products or have evolved beyond recognition already. Technology enthusiasts are hoping that technological advancements will also soon allow the creation of augmented super humans through the integration of man and machines. In 20 years from now, some concepts that seem too futuristic for even the


Among people working in the gastronomy are trying to explore the local waters for using the available resources in the more versatile ways. They used the count of cephalopod inhabitants as a counterbalance to the declining fishing activities in order to find another rich source of protein to replace meat. These stock of wild fishes are treated; thus, it is difficult to take efforts on establish new culture under water

Humans Help to Complete Robot Learning

In the Gates Computer Science Building at Stanford University, a screen attached to a red robotic arm which lights up and its eyes blink. Ajay Mandlekar, a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering introduced the robot ‘Bender.’ These researchers are using this robot arm for testing two frameworks together which can make the learning basic skills faster and easier. One of this framework, RoboTurk allows people to direct the robot arm

Technology Brings in a Paradigm Shift in Perspective Towards Food

For any food company worth its salt, it is of utmost importance to learn about their customers’ preference. They are keen to figure out if their customers – both current and potential – are vegan or prefer plant-based proteins. In its constant quest to uncover consumers’ food habits, a consultant at the food industry named Dave Donnan said technology also does affect their food habits. He revealed this while speaking

Technology is Helping HR Sector Achieve More Optimized Workplaces

Technology has taken over the corporate world with the vast set of benefits it can offer in terms of improved efficiency and lowered time required to undertake any process or operation. The human resources field has also majorly increased the usage for a number of applications so as to optimize productivity. Some of the key areas that technological interventions are leading to optimization in productivity include recruiting, performance management, time


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) in its 20-year air passenger forecasts has come out with some increasingly exciting trends and interesting numbers. According to a recent update, the IATA observing the present trends in air passenger traffic forecast the number to surge to 8.2 billion by 2037 end—in just a span of 20 years. It expects the impetus to the growth coming majorly from Asia Pacific countries. The robust,


In a hyper-connected world, where consumer attention is fleeting, keeping them engaged with new offerings has become an important strategy for companies operating across industries. In line with it, McDonald has always had something new to offer to its customers. For instance, in 2015 it accepted a longstanding customer demand to have all-day breakfast.  This helped it to resuscitate business yet again. Now once again, McDonald has tweaked its breakfast

Partnership between Puerto Rico and NYC to Promote Tourism

With the aim of encouraging travel and tourism between Puerto Rico and New York City, the tourism marketing agencies for the two destinations have announced a first of its kind partnership. The partnership comes at a time when Puerto Rico can benefit from the transformative power of the tourism sector to accelerate its economic recovery, especially as the Hurricane Maria brought vast damages last year. The official partnership was signed

Media Multitasking Behavior in Humans detrimental to Working Memory

Research into association between media multitasking and memory performance for humans may throw some interesting findings. An understanding of the findings is crucial in the backdrop of media such as smartphones becoming ubiquitous now. Literature on the adverse effect of media multitasking on various areas of cognition abound. However, researchers haven’t been able to reach a definitive association. Having said, a recent review of studies spanning over a decade by