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Every great dream begins with a dreamer and dreamers believe in keeping their foot on the ground and eyes on the stars. Stars have been a childhood fantasy and each has associated their life with the moon and stars. However, the study of stars and constellations reveal that stars are not just our friends for the night but luminous ball of helium and hydrogen containing gas that is contained together


It is said that men mostly talk about three things: Sports, Women, and Cars. Similarly, the way someone drives a car can foretell a lot about his or her personality. According to the BMI research reports, vehicle sale all over the world are expected to rise by 3.8% this year as compared to 3.3% growth rate of 2017. Automobile sales all over the world especially in China is however seen

Social Media

Heavy use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapachat, and Instagram is likely to make a person more depressed and feel lonely. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania carried out a study on 143 undergraduate. The result showed that that extreme use of social media might lead to poor health and can make a person depressed. The study was published in the Journal of Social and

Can Flexible Screens Shape the Future of Smartphones?

The booming smartphone industry is looking for something new, something which no one has seen as of date. In a quest for that something, the next possible thing that all the smartphone manufacturers are focusing on flexible screens. Evolution of smartphones has been impressive over the years, enhanced touch screens, high end cameras, and crystal clear sharp displays have never failed to impress the millennials and critics. Powerful chipsets and

Mixed Ingredients

Poke bowl, has recently gained an immense popularity owing to its brightly color salad vegies, beans, nutrition full fresh ingredients such as beans, fish, and aesthetically placed seed and grains. Rising health conscious population all across the world owing to rapid urbanization and rise in disposable income have helped the poke bowl or Poke bowl to become instant hit. On seeing the dish and identifying the ingredients present in the

Electrical Food

There is a new therapy that is making all the scientist and researchers think twice when it comes to production of food. According to a renowned columnists, George Monibot, consumption of meat products should be completely banned and the world should incline towards plant-based agriculture. Another interesting theory that has made George Monibot quite famous recently is that he wants to produce food with the help of electricity and not

Nanoparticles to be Used as Green Anti-Scaling Solution

Researchers at the McGill University have invented a type of cellulose nanoparticle which is more effective and less environmentally damaging solution. This nanoparticle will help to overcome the challenges faced by the water-based industries for prevention of buildup of scale. These nanoparticles are manufactured by the gathering sparingly soluble minerals and scale can impair the operation of just about the requirement and conducts or stores the water. Many anti-scaling agents

Save earth

The terrible rate of biological destruction announced for this present week is 60% of the vertebrates on the Earth has been gone since 1970. This is driven basically by the food business. Fishing and cultivation are the significant reasons for the decline of both terrestrial and marine biological systems. Meat which is consumed in more prominent amounts by the rich people than poor people,  is the major reason of all.

Will Technology Grant Humans Super Powers in Reality?

Technology is advancing at an impressive pace and many familiar objects and concepts of the past few decades have been taken over by more advanced products or have evolved beyond recognition already. Technology enthusiasts are hoping that technological advancements will also soon allow the creation of augmented super humans through the integration of man and machines. In 20 years from now, some concepts that seem too futuristic for even the


Among people working in the gastronomy are trying to explore the local waters for using the available resources in the more versatile ways. They used the count of cephalopod inhabitants as a counterbalance to the declining fishing activities in order to find another rich source of protein to replace meat. These stock of wild fishes are treated; thus, it is difficult to take efforts on establish new culture under water