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The uses of blockchain is rising by the day. This is because of both big and small tech companies investing in research and development of more evolved products. The idea is to use the super-sophisticated technology in various areas. For the uninitiated, blockchain is a distributed public ledger that is secured by the encryption technology. It is already revolutionizing the banking, healthcare, and education sectors. Most recently, blockchain is being


After the sign of “Touched down confirmed” reported by the NASA’s mission control operator,    cheers and applause sounds erupted from the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Scientists leap from their seat to embrace each other after the successful launch of the Mars InSight Lander. Just after the landing, InSight released its first picture from the planet Mars. The Main motive behind the aircraft landing is to study the interior of the

Global Warming

We never really paid attention to nature and the destruction we have caused to her. With our construction industries and emission of harmful gases, exploiting all natural resources, we made sure not to leave any stone in the hay. Natural calamities followed by destruction and loss of life and property is not enough. A recent warning has been given by the US government regarding climate change and its catastrophic effects.


In this fast-paced world, cell-phone and laptop charging can be a huge drag. Normally, most cellphones and laptops these days take well over an hour to get fully charged. However, Thomas H. Epps III, a professor from the University of Delaware, finds that it is actually possible to charge such portable electronic goods within minutes. But what exactly is preventing the technology from being widely adopted? First, it requires highly


How often have you wondered whether a good poop in the morning is the best feeling in the world? No? Come to think about the days when your body could not get rid of the waste and you did not clear your morning deed, how difficult was it to stay uncomfortable for the whole day, thinking twice before eating a delicious meal and trying herbal digestive pills in order to

artificial intelligence

Advent of artificial intelligence have literally changed our view in the world. Artificial Intelligence after its discovery soon found its way in various industries such as healthcare sector, smartphone industries, and automobile industries owing to numerous advantages associated with it which are likely to improve the process. Recently, two early stage artificial intelligence programs are collaborating as it is better two have two heads involved while dealing with artificial intelligence.

Global uptake of Agri-Business to Create Wonders in Fruit and Vegetable Market

Sustainable agriculture technology or simply Ag Tech is the economic sector having the potential to completely reshape the global agriculture, largely increasing the production capacity of the agriculture system. It has the ability to completely reshape the agricultural scenario altogether. The prices of food has raised in the past few years owing to the multiplying number of population and their growing demand for food. Kenya’s Twiga Foods have been quite

Oceanic Energy

Energy harvested from the ocean in considered renewable. It is abundant too. This has led to a recent deal to deploy tidal kite technology in the oceanic waters around the Faroe Islands. The deal was inked between Faroese power firm SEV and Swedish marine energy business Minesto. Together, they are to commission, install, and operate two of Minesto’s DG100 models. SEV has agreed to purchase the electricity manufactured by using the

Air Pollution

Alarming rise in air pollution over the past decade has created a major health scare, particularly for city dwellers. This has led to doctors and scientists coming up with various devices and techniques to prevent their inhalation. Such microscopic particles that float in the air can easily enter one’s lungs. They typically emanate from fires, fossil fuel combustion, vehicles, and cigarettes. They are known as fine particulate matter which can

Ozone Layer Finally Getting Replenished

For all those worried about the earth’s climate owing to the depletion of the ozone layer, here’s some good news finally – the ozone layer is getting restored gradually. This has been stated in a report backed by the UN titled Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018. The report has been prepared by an expert panel from the United Nations Environment Programme and World Meteorological Organization. It observes that the