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Mystery Surrounding Sea Grapes Decoded

Sea grapes are a popular delicacy in Japan and many other parts of Asia Pacific. However, farmers in Japan faced recurring problems while cultivating seaweeds. Scientists from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology graduate school (OIST) have finally weeded out the cultivation and environmental mysteries surrounding the plant. Earlier, many Japanese farmers experienced poor growth of seaweed. These plants are commonly known as sea grapes. They present lucrative commercial opportunities

Mushrooms May Be Key to Preventing Memory Loss, Say Scientists

Mushrooms may be the new home-made remedy for preventive cognitive decline. Two standard portions of mushrooms per week can do the trick. This diet resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in the probability of cognitive memory loss, in a recent study. According to the researchers, a compound known as ergothioneine or ET may be driving the reduction in MCI probability. Correspondingly, the compound possesses unique anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

More Grass Needed for Better Smiling Blueberries, Discover Scientists

A recent study published in Frontiers in Plant Science states that grass growth near blueberries corrects iron deficiencies. Grass growth also leads to higher yield and better quality in blueberries. Currently, commercial production of blueberries involves the widespread use of chemical fertilizers. Iron plays an important role in the function of plant molecules. Iron is essential for processes such as chlorophyll formation and subsequent photosynthesis. According to the researchers, natural

Six Pack Abs Can Turn the Tables on Cancer

Here is a new reason to break some sweat in the gym – Pumping iron can protect you from cancer. Yes, you heard that right. Researchers believe that muscle buildup could be the key to fighting cancer cells effectively. A study published in Scientific Reports claims that sarcopenia, a disease which causes skeletal muscle loss results in a poor response to cancer treatments. During the study, 38.1% non-sarcopenia patients remained free

Google Finds Men Received Less Pay as compared to Women

Women received higher pay as compared to men, according to a new internal audit by Google. The company’s level 4 male engineers received far less compensation in 2017. This prompted Google to adjust their pay in 2018 by providing an extra $9.7 million to around 11,000 employees. Questions are being raised whether these additional $9.7 million went to the pockets of all male employees. However, Google has not responded to

Scientists Testing Rover in Mars-like Environment

Scientists have deployed a robotic rover in the Atacama Desert in Chile – most similar environment of Mars on Earth. Deployment of this robot in the Mars-like Chilean Desert intends to find signs of life. However this robotic rover has recovered various subsurface soil samples at the time of a trial mission. Researchers have found distributed patches of unusual microbes in those samples, which proved to water availability and scarce

Ginkgo Highly Optimistic to Launch New Spinoff Motif as Future Food

Ginkgo Bioworks, a company with a dream to become the biggest Amazon Web Services bio- manufacturer, has launched a new spinoff. Their latest spinoff, Motif Ingredients aimed at developing proteins which can replace meat and dairy proteins. Launching Motif is the second spinout for Ginkgo after successfully introducing Jyon Bio, developing a crop yields improving bacteria. However Ginkgo’s move in introducing animal protein replacements helped alternative meat and dairy companies,


A new research has found that the earth is no longer away from hitting its last major greenhouse warming event. Rising level of total carbon dioxide emissions is accelerating our planet towards meeting such ultimatum within 140 years. The study explains humans’ activities in pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in such disaster. Researchers has found that the total emission level is 10 times higher than the emission during


Researchers at Northumbria University have come up with a new finding pertaining to the Sun’s magnetic waves. The findings published in the latest issue of Nature Astronomy – a prominent science journal. The finding is on the basis of a 10-year study by researchers at the University’s Department of Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. The finding says magnetic waves in the corona of the Sun respond to sound waves that


Scientists discovered a fabric from synthetic material initiated by humidity and temperature. It has a nano-tube coating and releases energy in humid conditions, by locking it when the surroundings are dry and cool. Researchers at University of Maryland have developed a fabric which automatically controls the heat amount which goes through it. When the surroundings are humid and warm, for example, around the sweating bodies. In this case, it lets