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A new research has found that the earth is no longer away from hitting its last major greenhouse warming event. Rising level of total carbon dioxide emissions is accelerating our planet towards meeting such ultimatum within 140 years. The study explains humans’ activities in pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in such disaster. Researchers has found that the total emission level is 10 times higher than the emission during


Researchers at Northumbria University have come up with a new finding pertaining to the Sun’s magnetic waves. The findings published in the latest issue of Nature Astronomy – a prominent science journal. The finding is on the basis of a 10-year study by researchers at the University’s Department of Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. The finding says magnetic waves in the corona of the Sun respond to sound waves that


Scientists discovered a fabric from synthetic material initiated by humidity and temperature. It has a nano-tube coating and releases energy in humid conditions, by locking it when the surroundings are dry and cool. Researchers at University of Maryland have developed a fabric which automatically controls the heat amount which goes through it. When the surroundings are humid and warm, for example, around the sweating bodies. In this case, it lets

Parent-Child Conflicts During Early Years Cause Difficulties in Charting Life Path

Researchers from Washington University are carrying out an experiment on parent-child relationships. They have found children who had conflict with their mothers in early age, are going through more difficulties in life. Furthermore, the confliction might trouble the children to find a purpose in their life when they hit adulthood. Patrick Hill, associate professor in Arts and Science said that these findings clear the concept on charting life path. He


Time has a different impact on men’s and women’s brains. The metabolism of brain slows with the growing age, and this differs between women and men. Brain tends to shrink when people grow older, but men’s brains diminishing rate is faster than women’s. Washington University School of Medicine has found that women’s brains tend to stay younger about three years than men’s. Furthermore, the findings also explain that such difference

Solar System

For the first time in history, astronomers have identified a 1.3 km radius object. This object is located at the edge of our solar system. Astronomers predict that the kilometer sized body has existed for almost above 70 years. The discovery of this object is an important step for understanding the planet formation process. Furthermore, astronomers have considered this object as a missing-link between initial coalescences of dust and ice


A new technological venture called OpenSC is underway. Once completed, it would open the doors to increased information on food for consumers. It would allow tracking of food sold at supermarkets and restaurants back to their origin. This involves providing insights into if the food bought at restaurants underwent a legal and sustainable production process. The technology leverages QR codes that consumers can scan using their smartphones. This automatically displays


Chinese scientists have planted a cotton seed on the moon, which has officially sprouted. This marks the first time humans have succeeded in growing biological matter on a planet other than earth. Before this, astronauts have successfully grown plants such as sunflower, lettuce on the International Space Station or ISS. According to Prof. Xie Gengxin, dean of Advanced Technology, such giant steps open the door to future survival in space.


In a new report published by the National Safety Council, chances of dying from opioids have increased like never before. In the United States, it is the first time when being killed by overdose of opioid is more than car crash. Opioids overdose bagged the fifth position for preventable death, based on 2017 the National Center for Health Statistics data. Dying in a vehicular crash is one in 103, as


A lot of talk is encircling the word autonomous as the year advances.  The concept of autonomous shopping is expanding in the retail sector. In autonomous shopping, store shoppers can experience the smell, feel, firsthand touch, and also view their desired products. Along with these, there is also a benefit of digital perk for not waiting in the checkout line. The marketeers will tag this shopping style as grab-and-go. Cohen