Smart Watch

New smart watch algorithms can help identify why you are sleeping poorly Smart watches have come a long way in recent years and can be made to do fascinating things. Equipped with algorithms that have potential to collect rich data from these wearable, these data can be utilized to obtain useful, practical recommendations. One such application can be identifying healthy sleep patterns in wearers. Enabled by algorithms, smart watches can

Acoustic-enabled Tech may impart Contextual Awareness to Smart Devices

Smart devices are profoundly interactive, with other devices and people, but do they possess ‘environmental awareness’? Not yet. Context-based awareness and computing is still an unexplored realm in smart device technology. But things may soon change, if recent works by a team of researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University are to be believed. Smart devices may pick up specific sound vibrations and map them to human activity; also, they can


Winamp is one of the customizable music players which is now revamping as a mobile app that will offer another platform to listen all kind of music. This app will include playlists, streaming radio stations, podcast, and other features. The Winamp released the first product in 1997 and was popular for their freeware media player for features such as utilitarian music playback. In 2002, AOL acquired Winamp and sold to

Long Life Possible for Consuming Longevity Vitamins, Says New Study

A new study conducted by Bruce Ames, Ph.D., through his laboratory located at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, concludes that longevity of body health can be extended by consuming about 30 known vitamins and specific minerals in specific levels. More Insights about the Study Conducted Dr. Bruce Ames The study was published in the form of a review as an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of


Intel and ARM, two of the world’s largest semiconductor firms, have been in a hu of war for decades now. The competency of each of these companies is oft measured in terms of the expertise bar of the other, thus, reflecting an extremely competitive streak existing between the two. However, in a surprising turn of events for the electronics and semiconductors industry, intel and ARM have agreed to work in