Infinity Flex Display by Samsung to Develop Foldable Screen that Converts Smartphone into Tablet

Justin Denison the senior vice president of mobile product marketing introduced prototype foldable smartphone in its recent Samsung developer conference held in San Francisco. While introducing the product, he said that the mass production will be carried out in the next few months. The new screen is foldable and can convert a smartphone into a tablet. Further Denison added that foldable screen is the foundation of tomorrow’s smartphone. In addition,

Can Flexible Screens Shape the Future of Smartphones?

The booming smartphone industry is looking for something new, something which no one has seen as of date. In a quest for that something, the next possible thing that all the smartphone manufacturers are focusing on flexible screens. Evolution of smartphones has been impressive over the years, enhanced touch screens, high end cameras, and crystal clear sharp displays have never failed to impress the millennials and critics. Powerful chipsets and

Business Leaders

Technology and digitization are changing the face of how companies cater to their customers through services and products that are well-suited to the needs of a diverse consumer base. Innovative technologies are providing leaders with tools that can help carve out more profitable and sustainable businesses and engage better with both consumers and employees. Realizing these benefits, an increased number of organizations are adopting new technologies such as the Internet

Mixed Ingredients

Poke bowl, has recently gained an immense popularity owing to its brightly color salad vegies, beans, nutrition full fresh ingredients such as beans, fish, and aesthetically placed seed and grains. Rising health conscious population all across the world owing to rapid urbanization and rise in disposable income have helped the poke bowl or Poke bowl to become instant hit. On seeing the dish and identifying the ingredients present in the

Service Sector Growth

Amidst all the gloomy news of the rupee hitting a new low every day and foreign investors fleeing the nation’s markets, Monday brought in some cheery news for the Indian economy. The nation’s services sector expanded at the quickest pace in October after July. This was mainly on account of the rising number of new business orders that led to expansion in the workforce. This was revealed in the findings


Operation Desert Storm, which was popularly known as the first Gulf War was a military operation to expel the Iraqi forces who were occupying part of Kuwait. It was considered as a successful response allied by the U.S. with Iraq to stop their attempt in overwhelming Kuwait. A new era of military technology was brought to a battlefield with the 1991 liberation of Kuwait. The after war scenario was not

Starch Accumulation in Algae

A collective study from the researchers of Tohoku University and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan showed that algae-based starch is ready to start at a large-scale. The algae-derived starch is an important bioresource for the fuel such as biofuels and renewable materials which have the potential to replace the fossil fuel and account a share in the development of wearable systems. This study was published in The Plant Journal that

Free Wi-Fi Comes With a Price

The internet has become a part and parcel of life. There is nothing that cannot be done with the help of internet right from playing online quiz games to ordering food, video calling and what not. In this world of interconnecting networks, the best thing offered is free internet or Wi-Fi connection. Apart from offices and homes, a lot of local restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls provides free Wi-Fi

New Epic EHR Rollout

Electronic health records are rapidly becoming the face of healthcare industry today, allowing the unification of a vast number of users from across numerous sites in a state, country, or a region. But the implementation of EHR systems is not an easy task and challenges abound in the road to rollout. The same has been the case with the New York City Health + Hospitals (NYC H+H), famed as U.S.’s

Electrical Food

There is a new therapy that is making all the scientist and researchers think twice when it comes to production of food. According to a renowned columnists, George Monibot, consumption of meat products should be completely banned and the world should incline towards plant-based agriculture. Another interesting theory that has made George Monibot quite famous recently is that he wants to produce food with the help of electricity and not