Electric Car

Shenzhen, known as Silicon Valley of hardware, is taking serious steps in turning its taxis electric for a green push. Already, by the end of 2017, all public buses in the Chinese city turned electric. This smart approach has made the roads in China much quieter in the last few years. Now, Shenzhen aims to transform 99% of cars, which is approximately 21,000 cabs into electric. However, shortage of charging


Monzo, the UK-based bank with more than a million customer has entered in the US. Many sources said that fintech startup has a team to work on ground level in Monzo in North America. This team has powered by the US banking partner and Monzo works on the regulatory licenses. There will be a change in the plan if Monzo to create a lighter version of products for the US

vr headsets

We are experiencing disruptive technologies from the start of this century. Some of those are virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality. Those have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Recently, Slightly Mad Studios announced a new console with a high-speed performance for wireless VR headsets and 4K TVs. While such developments are commonplace these days, this one stands out because the company has no background

Researchers Develop Paper Sensors to Detect Freshness of Milk

Recently, scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati created a simple paper kit to test the freshness of milk. The kit also provides information on how well the milk is pasteurized. A smartphone app can help process information from the paper sensors placed in the milk. Checking Milk Quality through Smartphones Milk is widely consumed across the globe and therefore its quality is of prime concern among the


Uptill now, the only planet filled with robots is, Mars. This is because of the time duration taken for directions to make a trip to Mars – eight minutes one-way. It has hand guided robots that are constrained to touring just a couple of dozen meters per day. However, a new software created in the UK will change this. It will help Mars drifters in coming years to decide for


Global technology giants Amazon and Oracle are still continuing to fight over pentagon building advanced cloud-computing technology. Big techno giants like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon submitted their bids in order to win this contract. This technology implants in their operations and the decision of the government is to be in favor of Amazon. The protracted battle of court, how Pentagon should create their advanced cloud computing technology in their

virtual reality

Flixbus is yet to launch a new feature in its upgraded version during the 2019’s. The inexpensive intercity bus service in Europe and the United States is to launch Virtual Reality feature. Virtual reality projects to be the first step in a great adventure into the world of imagination. The computer-generated experience takes place in a parallel environment. This imaginary environment can be like a fantasy or even the real


Scientists have developed fake fingerprints, and claim those can hack into regular gadgets, soon. The scientists from Michigan State University and New York University have named those as “DeepMasterPrints.” It is essentially machine-learning technique that go about as a sort of “master key”. This technology, the scientists claim, can open one out of every three fingerprint secured cellphones. They revealed their findings in a paper published in October. In it,

Amazon Go, Changing Perspective of Future Shopping

The future of shopping has already arrived at our doorstep with the advent of New Year’s Eve. Amazon, the multinational technological company is soon to introduce the mall that has it all. Starting from holograms to greet us at the entrance, there are robots roaming about in aisles for helping customers. Besides, this Amazon shop has a separate window for tapping to buy things while the shop remains close. Robots

Sleeping - Best Meditation of All stands Responsible for a Happier Day

It is said that a good laugh and long sleep are the two best remedies for anything. Sleeping refreshes the nervous system while it is inactive, and the postural muscles also relax during the time. During sleep, the consciousness level is practically suspended. A recent study of the Penn State comments “sleep is an essential feature of growing up especially for teenagers”. Study States Teenagers Need approximately 9 Hours of