The sky is currently gray for YouTube. In the past, the video sharing channel has mostly re-gained advertiser confidence despite periods of grievances of advertisers. Such grievance periods have not been long. Advertisers in the past have seriously boycotted YouTube for placing violent terrorist content next to ads leading to hampered revenues for them. But this time it may not quieten easily. Google is in a serious damage-control mode after

Uber About to Make Tactical Exit from India’s Food Delivery System

Uber has gained popularity in India and many more markets due to their offerings in ride-hailing and food delivery services. Apart from India, Uber provides extraordinary services in Russia, China, and Southeast Asia too. However the contradiction occurs when Uber adamantly declared that they won’t exit Indian market very soon. After such statement, the question raised if Uber wanted to stop their food delivery business or anything else. People are


In a bid to expand its drone delivery service, Chinese online retailer JD.com is spreading wings to Japan. The Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten has entered into a partnership with JD. With this partnership, JD’s drones and unmanned aerial vehicles will become a part of the Japanese’s e-commerce giant’s unmanned delivery service capabilities. Dating back to 2015, this is when JD began the development of its drone program. Moving ahead in


A new research has found that the earth is no longer away from hitting its last major greenhouse warming event. Rising level of total carbon dioxide emissions is accelerating our planet towards meeting such ultimatum within 140 years. The study explains humans’ activities in pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in such disaster. Researchers has found that the total emission level is 10 times higher than the emission during


A new discovery has found way for a better understanding of brain diseases. The method employs high-resolution method to analyze single cells. The finding is the work of a team of researchers under the aegis of the Medical Center at the University of Freiburg. Consequent upon this, researchers have mapped the brain’s own immune systems in human as well as mice. The mapping is entirely new from the ones in

Digital Technology

In this technological era, the idea of IoT or Internet of Things is no more unknown to people. IoT works well with interconnected or digitally-enabled devices. Moreover, the range of IoT enabled devices start from common home appliances to vending machines. The key attribution of digital technology is an unhindered ability in transferring data through the network without any manual intervention. On the other hand, several sensors, actuators, and electronic


Although with a jolt, India’s venture capital space is charged-up. Flipkart co-founder, Sachin Bansal invests US$92 million in Ola for India’s largest startup exit. With this, the Indian ride-hailing service adds a major name to the financing that it is seeking. Earlier, the deal rumored in January because of findings of Paper.vc. The intelligence company noticed Bansal had committed to invest 150 crore. Today, Ola confirmed the deal, but the


Researchers finally figured out a usual mechanism practiced by potentially harmful bacteria to resist the working of a Researchers finally figured out a usual mechanism practiced by potentially harmful bacteria to resist the working of antibodies. The discovery provides a detailed analysis about the way germs behave and adapt in certain conditions. The study took place at McMaster University, Canada. The study published in Nature Communications Biology journal are likely


The idea of combining games with education is nothing new, as today’s generation is growing up playing many popular games. With rapid technological advancements today’s educational games are also changing their shapes. Nowadays such educational games are solely based on building children own virtual worlds. Here’s come Roblox. It is basically a platform of coding, integrated with best VR apps for learning virtual reality for children. Moreover, this platform also

Cyber Security

In a major security blow, the Australian government has suffered a cyber-attack. As speculated by the country’s prime minister, the work is the brainchild of a sophisticated state actor. According to a statement from the Prime Minister, the targets of the attack were the country’s parliamentary computer network, and the ones belonging to Labor, Liberal, and National parties. The incident is alarming for the federal elections in Australia that are