Spanish ride-hailing Service Cabify resumes Operations in Barcelona

The period of non-operations of service was not long. After a hiatus of one month, the Spanish ride-hailing service Cabify resumes operations in Catalonia. The brouhaha for the Spanish ride-hailing company Cabify to stop service in Barcelona did not last long. The period of disruption of service was due to incoming changes in rules for hiring private vehicles in Catalonia. If it came into effect, the move would drive the


Have you purchased any android app lately? If you have, you are a special one. Most android users seem reluctant to pay for apps. So, Google has come up with a new strategy to make users pay for apps. Today, Google has introduced “Rewarded Products, a new option for android app developers to make revenues. Rewarded products will offer video ads to users in exchange for their time. On completion


What commonly believed is efficient computer systems, with bulky hardware and high-end processors are essential for autonomous driving vehicles. For a layman, driverless vehicles need support of costly computer hardware and high-end processors to run heavy applications. After all it is technology that has to make intelligent decisions on the roads! However, a new development in the space is falsifying such beliefs. An initiative of a startup, it envisions delivering

Six Pack Abs Can Turn the Tables on Cancer

Here is a new reason to break some sweat in the gym – Pumping iron can protect you from cancer. Yes, you heard that right. Researchers believe that muscle buildup could be the key to fighting cancer cells effectively. A study published in Scientific Reports claims that sarcopenia, a disease which causes skeletal muscle loss results in a poor response to cancer treatments. During the study, 38.1% non-sarcopenia patients remained free

Google Finds Men Received Less Pay as compared to Women

Women received higher pay as compared to men, according to a new internal audit by Google. The company’s level 4 male engineers received far less compensation in 2017. This prompted Google to adjust their pay in 2018 by providing an extra $9.7 million to around 11,000 employees. Questions are being raised whether these additional $9.7 million went to the pockets of all male employees. However, Google has not responded to

Volvo to cap Car Speeds for new Vehicles in bid for zero deaths

Swedish carmaker Volvo is progressing towards its apparent “Vision 2020” objective pertaining to safety on the roads. The Swedish carmaker has set a target of zero deaths or eliminate serious injuries on the roads by 2020. To attain the target, the Swedish carmaker is capping the speed limit to 180 km/hr on all new vehicles. Owned by China’s Geely, Volvo announced the new speed cap at the Geneva auto show

FlixBus Entering a Deal to Buy Rival Eurolines from Transdev

Ride-sharing and ride-hailing services are no more a new trend in the transportation industry. Some of the transport giants like Uber, Didi, and Lyft have gained popularity through offering on-demand private transportation services. However, with all these renowned transportation network companies, some adjacent business of bus services are also entering the market. A German startup, FlixBus, has already built an Uber-like network for managing passengers, drivers, and bus logistics on

Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market to Expand as New Products Make Way across Distribution Chains

The demand within the global market for retail e-commerce packaging has been rising on account of advancements in the overall e-commerce sector. The product portfolio of the global e-commerce sector has been expanding in the years to come. This factor has also played a pivotal role in the growth of the global market for e-commerce packaging. The e-commerce companies have been on a quest to improve customer retention. For this

Beverage Packaging Market to Expand as New Beverage Products Gain Popularity

The demand within the global market for beverage packaging has been rising on account of advancements in the food and beverages industry. The demand for flavored beverages has been on a rise, and the manufacturers of these products have been on a quest to cater to the demand of the masses. Several new types of beverages have been introduced over the past decade, and the consumers have a wide choice


The global market for recyclable packaging is guessed to become striking with the ascent popular for condition security and reusing materials. Recyclable packaging is delivering strong materials. It is uncommonly intended for expanded life and various use. A reusable or recyclable bundle or holder can be reused without impeding its defensive property. Generally recyclable packaging are comprised of plastic, polypropylene sheets, wood or steel. What are the positive influences on