Schematic design and voltage as a functioning of the existing FlexTEG module help to operate at different temperature gradients. A research team from Osaka University developed a flexible thermoelectric generator (FlexTEG) module which is comparatively inexpensive. Thus, the TE module is applicable for large-scale usage. This module offers high mechanical reliability for highly efficient power generation. The Advanced Materials Technologies journal released the results of the research and module. Continuous


Flux the London-based fintech has raised the amount of $7.5 mn as fund for launching Series A. The company has fabricated the technology for banks and merchants for offering detailed digital receipts. The VC firm is leading in the funds and also marking the presence of investing participants such as Anthemis and PROfounders. The company was founded in 2016 that bridges the gap between the digital receipt data and general

Lack of Regulations and Insurance Hurts Cryptocurrency Industry

The Asian cryptocurrency traders are facing difficulty in facing in securing their investments.  Large-scale fund managers cannot enter the mainstream market due to rising risks. Incidence of hacks and thefts is increasing. This has resulted in hefty losses, causing concern. There is further confusion about the how and what of cryptocurrency trading. Money laundering is also raising several eyebrows at the industry. Cryptocurrency is still at a nascent stage. There

New Machine Learning Algorithm Can Autonomously Find New Materials

There is an urgent need for use of advanced materials in this era. Materials with anti-oxidation properties, and high tolerance find use in industries. Advanced materials are providing solutions to areas like human welfare, security, and clean energy. It has thus become essential to use a particular substance for a specific application. A group of scientists at Texas A&M deployed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in discovery of novel

Consumption of Fast Food may Increase Risk of Depression

The researchers working at Manchester Metropolitan University suggested that high consumption of fast food might increase the risk of depression. The paper of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan’s Bioscience Research Centre suggests that consumption of fast food can promote the inflammation. It also increases the risks of cholesterol and saturated fats, which increase risks by 40% of depression. The researchers analyzed data from near about 11 other studies, which are investing

Earthquake Prediction Gets A Push with Machine Learning Algorithm

A new artificial intelligence (AI) based technique recognizes sounds that show when a fault is going to break. Researchers based at Los Alamos National Laboratory distributed two papers Monday in the Nature Geoscience Journal announcing what they say could be a leap forward in anticipating earthquakes. One paper is based on a lab study. The other focuses unobtrusive seismic flags along the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest. Earlier,


Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons that is covered in ice. Underneath the ice though, it has a salty ocean. According to scientists, it is most likely to host life forms. The American Geophysical Union recently proposed a way to reach the ocean surface. This will be done by melting the ice with a nuclear-powered robot. The ice is expected to be anywhere between 2 to 30 km thick. To

A New Microtube Pump for Speedy Water Transfer

Chinese researchers reported that the new microtube pump is able to transfer the water droplets over a long distance. This was published in a journal Angewandte Chemie, which states that pumps consist tube. This tube has the feature of changing its properties through irradiation. The wettability gradient in the inner wall and capillary forces work together for accelerating the water droplets with high speed. Modern molecular diagnostic and other analytical

Juno to Reach Halfway Point of Mission; Jupiter Captured in All its Glory

‘Juno’, the solar powered spacecraft from NASA will fly past Jupiter on December 21. This will gain scientists more data on the giant planet. This will be the 16th flyby of the spacecraft, and the NASA mission will be through halfway. This is considered a significant milestone in the mission. After this point, Juno will delve into more details of the planet. At present, the mission has observed Jupiter entirely-

Sundar Pichai Assures Capability of Tech Industry Tackle AI Worries

With artificial intelligence proliferating in most technological domains, many issues regarding its safety have cropped up recently. However, Google’s Sundar Pichai gave a word of assurance that the tech industry can handle the upcoming challenges. Regulation of AI Manufacturing Should Receive Boost Pichai stated that the tech industry is capable enough to properly control how AI works. The entire talk was included in a report published a couple of day