FlixBus Entering a Deal to Buy Rival Eurolines from Transdev

Ride-sharing and ride-hailing services are no more a new trend in the transportation industry. Some of the transport giants like Uber, Didi, and Lyft have gained popularity through offering on-demand private transportation services. However, with all these renowned transportation network companies, some adjacent business of bus services are also entering the market. A German startup, FlixBus, has already built an Uber-like network for managing passengers, drivers, and bus logistics on

Retail E-Commerce Packaging Market to Expand as New Products Make Way across Distribution Chains

The demand within the global market for retail e-commerce packaging has been rising on account of advancements in the overall e-commerce sector. The product portfolio of the global e-commerce sector has been expanding in the years to come. This factor has also played a pivotal role in the growth of the global market for e-commerce packaging. The e-commerce companies have been on a quest to improve customer retention. For this

Beverage Packaging Market to Expand as New Beverage Products Gain Popularity

The demand within the global market for beverage packaging has been rising on account of advancements in the food and beverages industry. The demand for flavored beverages has been on a rise, and the manufacturers of these products have been on a quest to cater to the demand of the masses. Several new types of beverages have been introduced over the past decade, and the consumers have a wide choice


The global market for recyclable packaging is guessed to become striking with the ascent popular for condition security and reusing materials. Recyclable packaging is delivering strong materials. It is uncommonly intended for expanded life and various use. A reusable or recyclable bundle or holder can be reused without impeding its defensive property. Generally recyclable packaging are comprised of plastic, polypropylene sheets, wood or steel. What are the positive influences on

Wire and Cable Market Soars High with Wings of Innovation

The global wire and cable market is catering to a wide range of diverse demands as emerging countries and developed countries significantly differ in product application. For example, regions such as North America and Europe have become mature markets and the demand for fiber optics and innovations in the use of copper are key dynamics in these regions. On the other hand, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and

Researchers Entangle Photons of Discrete Colors for Information Relay

Quantum science today provides the framework to store and transport information of some advanced communication systems that are under development. In this regard, researchers designing quantum communication systems that depend on light to transmit information are in a fix. Typically, optical components that store and process quantum information require photons in the visible spectrum of light to operate. Howbeit, only near-infrared photons can transmit information for large distances over optical


The sky is currently gray for YouTube. In the past, the video sharing channel has mostly re-gained advertiser confidence despite periods of grievances of advertisers. Such grievance periods have not been long. Advertisers in the past have seriously boycotted YouTube for placing violent terrorist content next to ads leading to hampered revenues for them. But this time it may not quieten easily. Google is in a serious damage-control mode after

Uber About to Make Tactical Exit from India’s Food Delivery System

Uber has gained popularity in India and many more markets due to their offerings in ride-hailing and food delivery services. Apart from India, Uber provides extraordinary services in Russia, China, and Southeast Asia too. However the contradiction occurs when Uber adamantly declared that they won’t exit Indian market very soon. After such statement, the question raised if Uber wanted to stop their food delivery business or anything else. People are


Although with a jolt, India’s venture capital space is charged-up. Flipkart co-founder, Sachin Bansal invests US$92 million in Ola for India’s largest startup exit. With this, the Indian ride-hailing service adds a major name to the financing that it is seeking. Earlier, the deal rumored in January because of findings of The intelligence company noticed Bansal had committed to invest 150 crore. Today, Ola confirmed the deal, but the

Startup ChargedUp picks up Seed Funding to Expand Services in UK

With smartphones today a necessity for everyday functioning, dying battery problems especially when outdoors remains unaddressed. To make work-related calls, to stay connected with a nanny giving care to kids at home, and also to receive alerts for an ailing family member in the hospital, smartphones help to do it all irrespective of the location. However, dying phone battery, at a time, when the smartphone needs to be free of