Last year Facebook dissolved plans to develop a solar-powered drone for Internet signals. However, the company doesn’t seem to be done with the concept yet. Reviving plans, the social media giant this time is testing drones in Australia. It is doing so in collaboration with aeronautics giant Airbus. A document from Australia’s Freedom of Information Act reveals the details of the collaboration. As per the document, last year Facebook and


Lead-based perovskite is finding way as a low-cost and efficient material for solar cells, as per a recent study. Howbeit, the inherent instability and toxic nature of lead have raised major concerns pertaining to the sustainability of lead-based perovskites. This is thus hindering the adoption of these materials for large-scale commercial use. On the other hand, in another move, lead-free perovskites received recommendation because of toxic nature of lead-based perovskites.


In a new development, tech giant Google announced that the price of its G Suite subscriptions will be raised for the first time. The hike in price in the U.S. will be $1 and $2 for the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions respectively. The hike in subscription charges in other regions will be in accordance with local currency and market. The price for G Suite Enterprise will


Facebook plans to invest US$ 300 million in the next three years to increase its focus on local news. The idea will boost journalism, especially in Western nations where the industry is facing crisis. The move comes after Facebook had announced in early 2018 to de-emphasize news stories and videos, prioritizing posts from friends. Facebook will Partner with Reputed News Publications To test the interest levels among users for local


Constant conflicts between Google and European countries have been common issues over the past few years. The issues could recur over the next coming years. The ‘right to be forgotten’ is a key area, where Google makes significant efforts to limit search results. One of the senior advisors of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) braced Google’s legal battle. Through legal proceedings, the limits for the above-mentioned right witnessed examination

Amazon to Hold 29% Stake in Robotic Firm Balyo

Amazon has recently announced its plans of investing in Balyo, the French robotic firm. Balyo is into developing navigation technology for self-driving forklift trucks. In the next seven years, Amazon plans to gather 29% stake in Balyo via free stock warrants. As per the deal, Amazon would be able to use the warrants based on orders it places with Balyo. If Amazon orders US$300 mn of Balyo’s products in the


Amazon has never held back from going an extra mile in promoting its products and offerings. This was more than apparent after Amazon launched its voice assistant ‘Alexa.’ And now the company has taken yet another step in popularising ‘Alexa’ by partnering with Telenav. The latter is a renowned vendor in the domain of location-based and connected-car services. As per the deal, Telenav will incorporate ‘Alexa’ voice assistants in its


Monzo, the UK-based bank with more than a million customer has entered in the US. Many sources said that fintech startup has a team to work on ground level in Monzo in North America. This team has powered by the US banking partner and Monzo works on the regulatory licenses. There will be a change in the plan if Monzo to create a lighter version of products for the US


Global technology giants Amazon and Oracle are still continuing to fight over pentagon building advanced cloud-computing technology. Big techno giants like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon submitted their bids in order to win this contract. This technology implants in their operations and the decision of the government is to be in favor of Amazon. The protracted battle of court, how Pentagon should create their advanced cloud computing technology in their

Google Back with Fourth Edition of ‘Web Rangers’ to Encourage Web Safety

A contest launched by Google in 2015 for internet safety will have a fourth edition. Called as ‘Web Rangers’, the competition highlights the importance of cyber safety in young adults.  Students in the age group of 10 to 17 years can participate. Web Rangers is a global initiative, launched In India in 2015. This year will mark the fourth edition of the event. Google believes that Web Rangers is a