Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational company with its headquarters in Mountain View, California. This company was formed in order to incorporate the restructuring of Google and is considered as the parent company of Google along with its other sibling companies. In a recent news, it is reported that the Alphabet Company is soon to switch a few of its companies in and around in order to organize their health


On Monday, several Google services such as cloud and search services were disrupted when an internet diversion that rerouted internet traffic through China and Russia took place. According to the reports, the service interruptions continued for oddly two hours, which ended at 5:30 pm. Google underscoring the matter, admitted the service interruption on a network status page and believed that the cause was external to Google. The company did added


A recent visit of President Donald Trump to France on the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I turned out foul, as controversy reigned, pointing at the brittle relationship between European countries and President Trump. Within 48 hours of his stay in Paris, Trump criticized French President Emmanuel Macron on social media platform, Twitter. This sparked rage, as users from all around the country exhibited their condemnation on

The U.S Weapon Sales up by 13%; Likely to Increase in 2019 too

The state department of the U.S recently announced that the weapon sales from various American firms has increased by 13% in the year 2018.  They further disclosed that in the fiscal year 2018, the U.S earned $55.66 bn in terms if foreign military sales, which was valued at $4.93 bn in the year 2017. With the increasing sales of foreign military weapons, the government of U.S acts as a liaison

Service Sector Growth

Amidst all the gloomy news of the rupee hitting a new low every day and foreign investors fleeing the nation’s markets, Monday brought in some cheery news for the Indian economy. The nation’s services sector expanded at the quickest pace in October after July. This was mainly on account of the rising number of new business orders that led to expansion in the workforce. This was revealed in the findings

Free Wi-Fi Comes With a Price

The internet has become a part and parcel of life. There is nothing that cannot be done with the help of internet right from playing online quiz games to ordering food, video calling and what not. In this world of interconnecting networks, the best thing offered is free internet or Wi-Fi connection. Apart from offices and homes, a lot of local restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls provides free Wi-Fi

Shape Security

Shape Security, is a cyber-security firm that closed a US$26 million round of funding of Series E. This is supposed to be the fifth funding round, over US$130 million — since the Mountain View, organization based in California was established in 2011. This most recent round was driven by Kleiner Perkins, Norwest Venture Partners, Allegis Capital and some more — including Singtel and JetBlue Ventures. Shape Security said the expansion

COMPAMED Trade Fair: Sterne to Present 3D Silicone Printing

Sterne, a company, which is located in the south side of France has consistently performed research on silicone and made items out of it for various industries such as mass transit, food and drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical. It has been just two years that the company has taken a leap step into the 3D printing world. The company soon made its presence felt by launching SiO-Shaping 1601 3D printer


Monzo Bank Ltd, the mobile-only UK-based bank, has recently raised funds worth £85 million from US venture capital firms General Catalyst and Accel Partners. With this investment, the company has crossed the milestone valuation of over £1 billion, making it the most recent UK start-up technology company to accomplish this feat. The company has said that its family has crossed one million customers and now counts for nearly 15 percent

Growing Data-Breach Volumes to Increase Regulations

The data breach notifications in Australia are growing which are the echoes of the European jurisdictions, in which the post-GDPR are surging in the data-privacy regulations. These regulations are now shading light on the actual problems of data-breach problem. Primarily, for the Australian companies, it is obligatory for report data breaches after the start-off the notifiable data breaches (NDB) scheme. The organization reported the 308 incidents of a data breach