Cardiovascular Imaging and Informatics Market – Growing Prevalence of CVD Supporting Growth

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The leading cause of deaths in the world today is cardiovascular diseases (CVD). It takes about 17.9 million lives on an annual basis and includes healthcare disorders of blood vessels and heart. Rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease are all included in the category. A sizeable share of deaths occurs due to heart attacks and strokes in this segment – of 5 CVD deaths, four are accounted by these.

Additionally, with changes in lifestyle, risk of these is only growing. Smoking, excessive drinking, and a sedentary lifestyle are paving way for an increase in incidence. Besides, work lives are highly stressful and hectic for most people, allowing for compounding of the situation few steps further. This, in turn, will lead to growth in cardiovascular and informatics market, as per Transparency Market Research, which notes that the market is on a sturdy growth curve, upward facing and steep, over the next few years. This will allow for a slew of opportunities to emerge in the global cardiovascular imaging and informatics market.

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Region-wise, Asia Pacific (APAC) region will hold sway. Players would have their attention directed to the region for the anticipated growth opportunities predicted by market experts. The region is set to grow at a notable growth rate over the coming period.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning here that the market has a sizeable number of players operating its vendor landscape. The proactive measure taken by the top ones to ensure future growth are helping the market take on a sturdy growth curve. Some of the most notable players are GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Medis Medical Imaging Systems BV, Pie Medical Imaging, and Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, Inc, among others. Research and development, innovation, new product launches play a crucial role in determining market share for individual players. It is pertinent to note here that technology also plays crucial role in determining growth.

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