Technological Advancements to Augment Growth in Cancer Registry Software Market


The global cancer registry software market is prognosticated to witness a robust growth. The growth can be attributed to growing number of cancer patients across the world. The rise in the number of patients has led to large amount of patient data and managing them manually would be a cumbersome job. Therefore, with the advent of new technologies the data can now be maintained digitally on computers. As a result the global cancer registry software market in upcoming years.

CanReg 5 to Boost Growth in Cancer Registry Software Market

CanReg5 is a tool that is available to take inputs, check, and analyse data regarding cancer patients.

It is an enhanced vrsion of cancer registry and open source tool with latest database engine and multi user interface. Additionally, it is capable of setting up of new database also modify the existing one. It modifies the existing database by adding new variables and customizing the data entry forms.

This software is commercially available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese languages. Such product innovation is expected to open stiff competition among other global leaders and result in more research and development to bring in latest technologically upgraded product with better performance and cost efficiency. All such factors could lead to opening up avenues for growth in the global cancer registry software market.

Further, manual storage and collection of data for research and development in cancer studies is time consuming and cumbersome. Cancer registries in the U. S procure timely and orderly data on new patients diagnosed with cancer, the stage of the diseases, treatment therapies, survival rate, and mortality rate.

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Automation of data can help researchers in getting quantitative and valuable data for their studies as direct access to such data is not provided by many registries. This might lead to the growth opportunities for the global cancer registry software market in the upcoming years.

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