Emergence of Advanced Sequencing Technology Fuels Global Cancer Genome Sequencing Market


The last few years have experienced substantial growth in the genomic period of cancer research. Much of the growth is ascribed to the entry of advanced sequencing technology, which presents an exclusive resolution and sensitivity. This offers growth opportunity to the global cancer genome sequencing market.

In addition to that, an alteration in the net structure of chromosomes through alteration, amplification, and deletion in the structure produces a very unique characteristic of the cancer genome. Gene alterations or mutation eventually leads to the onset of cancer or progression.

High Cost of the Procedure Restrains Growth of the Market During Forecast Period

Cancer genome sequencing finds use in the detection of the entire RNA or DNA sequence of cancer cells, which are based on sequencing of heterogeneous or homogeneous class of tumor cells.

There are rules pertaining to the tailor-made cancer sequencing and accreditation of the laboratories performing sequencing services take care of those regulations. It also takes care of the use of FDA approved procedures for conducting these tests.

The growth of the global cancer genome sequencing market is supported by the comprehensive view of the entire genome structure together with its capability to mutate, which the sequencing process offers. It does away with the need to know about the history of the patient beforehand. It is, therefore, expected that it will escalate the demand for gene sequencing –based treatment of tumor in years to come.

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On the other hand, high cost of the procedure is likely to mar the growth of the global cancer genome sequencing market. In addition to that, substantial time is consumed for the interpretation humongous set of data, which is another factor restraining market growth during the period of forecast. Availability of focused gene sequencing procedure serves as an alternative to the cancer genome sequencing. Focused gene sequencing procedure is relatively less costly and it is comparatively hassle-free interpretation of results, thereby restraining growth of the global cancer genome sequencing market.

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