Northern Lights

Canadian Company to Launch Flights for Viewing Northern Lights

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Northern lights, also known as polar lights or aurora borealis in local parlance, are one of nature’s wonders that can only be seen near the North Pole during its long winters. Given its sheer beauty and drama, it’s on many a travelers’ bucket list. However, much as it may sound “the thing” to see, extreme cold of the North Pole can act as a major deterrent.

To make it more comfortable, Consulta Meta has announced a privately chartered Boeing 737 plane which will allow interested parties to take in the breathtaking view of the fleeting northern lights from the confines of the airplane. The flight would be functional from 2019 and would be the only one in the world taking off in the Aurora Oval.

The travel package would be for five days and has been named as Aurora 360 Experience package. It would operate within a brief window starting in February 7 and ending in February 11 in the next year. The flight schedule has been fixed based on the forecasts made for aurora borealis.
The vacation would also encompass guest speakers, culinary components, optional day tours, and cultural events, alongside other things.

So far, the tour for viewing the Northern lights, organized by the Canadian company has only 80 available seats. This means, interested people need to purchase tickets before it becomes too late. Currently, there are two pricing tiers. While the Aurora 360 flight comes to around US$1,045, the full Aurora 360 Experience comes to around US$2,939.

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