Canada Legalizes Recreational Use of Cannabis

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Canada has become the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalize the use and possession of recreation marijuana; medical use of cannabis has already been made legal in Canada in 2001. While the decision has been greeted with immense joy by the population, a vast number of concerns remain, including the known and unknown sets of health impacts of the substance, especially on youth, pregnant women, aged people, and people at the risk of mental illnesses.

Concerns also remain concerning the readiness of the police forces in tackling the potential of drug impaired driving. A number of people in the medical field agree that the decision has opened the doors to gaining an unmatched understanding into the impacts of marijuana on the health. However, whether this is a good thing is something that they don’t agree on. Whether people are opposing this decision or are accepting it with all their hearts, the truth remains that this will be an opportunity or even a necessity to start discussions regarding a number of things associated with the use of marijuana, legal or illegal, that should have been addressed for a long time.

The country has been provided with the opportunity to become a global generator of data pertaining to the negative impact or risk associated with the recreational use of cannabis and some potential benefits as well. Some group of people, who are especially at a larger risk of the negative health factors associated with cannabis use, will be analyzed closely by health experts in the next few months and years.

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