Can Flexible Screens Shape the Future of Smartphones?

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The booming smartphone industry is looking for something new, something which no one has seen as of date. In a quest for that something, the next possible thing that all the smartphone manufacturers are focusing on flexible screens. Evolution of smartphones has been impressive over the years, enhanced touch screens, high end cameras, and crystal clear sharp displays have never failed to impress the millennials and critics. Powerful chipsets and high digit RAMs have only made sure that smartphones stand upon their expectations.

Flexible screens were a futuristic concept until now, as leading companies cannot help to show off their ongoing research and development behind this concept, making us believe that those foldable screens will soon be on palms. This feature is anticipated to make the already versatile device more versatile for pleasure and work. Flexible screens will more likely to make bezel less display, thus allowing users to enjoy larger screens. Samsung, a major player in the smartphone industry, on Wednesday unveiled its foldable screen smartphone that the company promises to be launched by next year. Samsung’s flexible device is expected to contest against its other competitor in next year.

The first glance of Samsung’s Infinity Flex Display looked ready for consumers to handle, as the device looked more polished than Royale FlexPai. Rouyu Technology’s Royale FlexPai is considered to be the first flexible smartphone in the world. It is powered by Snapdragon 8150 processor. However, keeping in mind the fact that Samsung is shifting from glass fronted bricks to a material which can completely bend on the basis of needs.

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