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Can Electrical Food Ease Earth’s Ecological Burden Owing to Rise in Population?

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There is a new therapy that is making all the scientist and researchers think twice when it comes to production of food. According to a renowned columnists, George Monibot, consumption of meat products should be completely banned and the world should incline towards plant-based agriculture. Another interesting theory that has made George Monibot quite famous recently is that he wants to produce food with the help of electricity and not solely rely on the natural photosynthesis process. It is true, if this theory comes to act someday then it will be 10 times more efficient. This will help to flourish biodiversity at an exponential rate.

However, claims made by Monibot that afforestation and destruction of wetlands are done at our commands is gaining some criticism by other analysts

Various experts have expressed their views on producing food with the help of electricity. David Hanke, said that Solar Foods system cannot be compared to that of plants for producing sustainable food. According to him, supply of minerals to bacteria can be done chemically, keeping in mind the environmental downsides. Naturally, plant roots can extract required mineral at right proportion from mixed-up traces in environment, however use of solar energy to pick selective concentration is likely to cause no pollution and at zero cost.

Another analysts, John Stone, making his support for Monibot mentioned that hydrogen based novel synthesis is likely to open new possibilities which might help the world save. It is duly noted that, hydrogen that is produced from water by the process of electrolysis with the help of renewable energy is already used in fueling various vehicles and is set to replace fossil fuels. He believes that food sources can be replaced with hydrogen-based nutrition. This will likely to take the ecological burden off from the world.

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