Calcium Nitrate Market Holds Promise in Fertilizers and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Calcium nitrate is a compound with the ability to absorb air moisture and increase soil fertility. Ammonium nitrate and calcium hydroxide are utilized to create calcium nitrate. Manufacturers also apply nitric acid to limestone and then treat the substance with ammonia to create calcium nitrate. The resulting compound is mainly used in agriculture, wastewater treatment, and concrete manufacturing applications.   
The demand for calcium nitrate is extensively driven by high consumption of calcium nitrate fertilizers in order to meet the growing food requirements in various regions. The market for calcium nitrate is expected to grow mainly due to the increasing demand for wastewater treatment and steadily growing  demand for grain crops in emerging economies. 
Transparency Market Research states in its recent study on the market for calcium nitrate that in terms of volume, the market stood at 14,602.1 kilo tons in 2013. iIn terms of market value, it stood at US$7.37 billion in 2013 and is further expected to reach US$10.18 billion by the end of 2020. The overall market is rising at a CAGR of 4.8% in the forecast period 2014-2020. 
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Calcium nitrate is a crystalline, odorless inorganic compound mainly used in applications such as fertilizers, explosives, wastewater treatment chemicals, concrete manufacturing, agriculture, and others. 
Calcium Nitrate: Popular Areas of Applications  
Use of Calcium Nitrate in Fertilizers 
Calcium nitrate fertilizers are often used in different kinds of food crops in order to raise the pH levels of the soil. It also helps raise the nitrogen and calcium content of the soil to an optimum level, both of which are necessary for optimum plant growth. Calcium nitrate improves the efficiency of the plant with regard to absorbing other nutrients in the soil. Some gardeners use this compound as fertilizer in edible gardening and vegetables. Many hydroponics growers also dilute calcium nitrate into feeding tubes in order to provide nutrients and nourishment to indoor plants.
Calcium nitrate is highly popular in agriculture because the compound has two of the most essential elements for plant growth. It can dissolve readily in water and also act as a double growth energy fertilizer in plants and agricultural crops. Hence, the calcium nitrate market is dominant among other nitrogenous fertilizers across the globe.  
For the forecast period 2014-2020, the fertilizer segment is expected to be the largest and fastest growing application segment in the global market. In 2013, it accounted for more than a share of 50% of the global calcium nitrate market.  
Calcium Nitrate Finds Application in Sewer and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Calcium nitrate is widely used in wastewater treatment for preventing a malodorous output. The compound is used to suppress or block the formation of odor in sewer networks and other municipal waste water treatment plants, which release hydrogen sulfide due to anaerobic fermentation. In the presence of calcium nitrate, the metabolism for sulfate is terminated, thus preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide. Calcium nitrate is suitable for wastewater treatment because of its low price and ease of handling. 
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The calcium nitrate market is moderately concentrated and dominated by medium and small regional companies in various regions of the world.  Due to increasing demand for food crops, China and India in particular are expected to boost global demand for calcium nitrate fertilizers by 2020.
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