BotFactory Launches Advanced Desktop PCB Printers

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US-based manufacturer of desktop printed circuit board (PCB) printers, BotFactory has announced the launch of new PCB Printer. They have named the new entrant as SV2. This new printer took all of the right lessons from Squink and their customers to become something truly special.  Squink is BotFactory’s first-generation Desktop PCB Printer.

SV2 comes with a completely different set of hardware. BotFactory did a little check themselves and discovered that only a few parts are common with Squink. Further, they are the overall software UX/UI, the power button, and the screws.

Processes of Earlier PCB Printers Technologies Makes SV2 More Effective

The SV2 desktop PCB printer is BotFactory’s second-generation desktop PCB Printer. BotFactory has worked on all the process in any PCB Factory for this version of the PCB printer. Further, BotFactory has miniaturized them to fit within a package so tiny that can fit between an oscilloscope and a computer.  One can just export Gerber files from any PCB Design tool and import them in SV2 and print circuit boards within minutes. It is capable of dispensing paste onto pads, pick-and-placing components onto the board. Further, it can print multilayer circuits and all of it is possible with just one click of a button.

Each PCB Printer comes with an inkjet printhead capable of dispensing very fine droplets of insulating and conductive ink. Thus, it allows the latest BotFactory PCB printer to generate multilayered rigid and flexible circuits on Kapton, FR-4, or any substrate of choice.

In addition to that, each desktop PCB printer comes with two different heads for dispensing glues and solder pastes, and another one to pick up and then place components correctly. It enables one to assemble PCBs right at one’s desktop.

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