BMW, Daimler deepen ties to advance Automated Driving Technology

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To make self-driving cars a reality, large automakers are deepening ties. Earlier in the week, in a new development, Daimler and BMW deepened their alliance to share skyrocketing costs to develop automated driving technologies. Nonetheless, the independent efforts of each carmaker continues for driverless automated cars.

In this regard, Honda prompts to pool its efforts with General Motors. With the alliance, the two automakers will share enormous cost to design and manufacture computer-driven vehicles. For another alliance of similar nature, Volkswagen is in talks with Ford for autonomous cars.

BMW and Daimler one alliance for developing automated cars technology, some other large automakers ally too

BMW and Daimler share the same sentiment for their alliance for self-driving car technologies, stated a R&D associate at Mercedes-Benz. The development of self-driving cars is a bit analogous to climbing a mountain, the associate added.

Elaborating the statement, for a climb, the first few meters starting at the base station are easy. But, as the goal nears the ambient air becomes thinner, to require more strength to take each step. And the challenges become complex to resolve.

In the scenario, for automated driving cars, BMW and Daimler can do their share for technological and financial challenges. The two large automakers will jointly develop technology for automated driving to be a reality on highways.

Providing details of the alliance, the companies said, “The initial focus will be to take forward development of next-generation technologies. Thereafter, once the technology is established, it will be used for driver assistance systems, parking features, and automated driving on highways. Beyond this, the two companies are open to extend their collaboration to cover higher levels of automation for both city and highway driving.

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