Blister Packs to Register Meteoric Growth in Medical Packaging Films Consumption- 2028, Globally

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Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the medical packaging films market in its published report, titled “Global Medical Packaging Films Market: Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018–2026”. In terms of revenue, the global medical packaging films market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, about which TMR offers thorough insights and forecasts in this report.

Medical packaging films are flexible films used for the packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Medical packaging films are used to manufacture medical packaging items such as blood bags & pouches, blister packs, tray lids, sachets, medical labels, and tags. Flexible medical packaging films are primarily used because of their low cost and high barrier properties against moisture and gas. Their ability to seal heat, prevent leakages, and be easily laminated to paper, aluminum, and other plastics makes them popular. Medical packaging films are made up of materials such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polyamide, PVC, aluminum, and oxides. Medical packaging films include high barrier films, co-extruded films, and formable films. The high barrier medical packaging films segment is expected to witness a rapid growth as compared to the other segments. High barrier films include metalized and coated medical packaging films .

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Medical packaging films can be coated with polymer or aluminum and produced as multi-layer laminates or co-extrusions. Medical packaging films are coated with aluminum or oxides to improve their barrier properties. Metalized medical packaging films are less expensive and more flexible than foil laminates which have the same barrier property. Medical packaging films pouches are widely used across the globe for single-use disposable items such as gloves, catheters, tubing, bandages, dressings, and syringes. Medical packaging films tend to provide less physical protection than rigid ones but are preferred choice for the manufacturers of high volume low-cost devices. Pouch and tray lid medical packaging films mainly consist of Tyvek, foil, and few polymer variations. The demand for barriers against moisture, gas, water, etc. is expected to drive the market for the high barrier medical packaging films market.

medical packaging films market

According to TMR analysis, the introduction of super barrier-coated films (SBC) is expected to fuel the market for global medical packaging films market. High barrier medical packaging  films that prevent the entry of gases slow down the permeation of gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor through the film. In May 2018, Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex business launched super barrier-coated thermoformable medical packaging films for pharmaceutical blister packs. Super barrier-coated blister films are an alternative to cold-formable and thermoformable medical packaging films . The manufacturers of blister packs are solely focusing on patient-centric packaging and have come up with innovative blister packs. Medical packaging films companies are providing blister packages with calendars and printed prescription, making it easy for senior citizens to take their medications properly. Medical packaging films manufacturers are adopting a sustainable approach to their business. The medical packaging films manufacturers responsible for the design, development, and qualification of medical packaging, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostics, and biotechnology, are adopting a sustainable approach to packaging to save money. Also, the medical packaging films are manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices. In sterile barrier medical-device packaging, medical packaging films manufacturers should explore the clinical requirement for single sterile barriers on the medical device. Depending on the attributes of the device, including its size, geometry, complexity, and a number of components and the clinical procedure itself, having two sterile barriers is an unnecessary use of packaging materials and resources. The metalized medical packaging films segment is expected to witness a substantial rise during the forecast period, owing to its high barrier properties.

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The key motive is to have a global presence, either physical or through exports. The manufacturers of medical packaging films are likely to eye the lucrative regions of the Middle East & Africa and the Asia Pacific in the coming years. Mass urbanization in these countries, coupled with improved standards of living, is expected to be the key driving force behind the growth of medical packaging films market

Key players considered in the report on medical packaging films include 3M Company, Winpak Ltd, Bemis Company, Inc., Dunmore Corporation, Berry Global Group, Inc., Honeywell International, Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Klöckner Pentaplast Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Glenroy Inc., and Renolit Group.

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