BitTorrent joins the Growing Portfolio of Onehub Sync

BitTorrent has followed the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing to distribute large amounts of data since its inception. For a long time, BitTorrent has maintained its peer-to-peer approach for its file sharing, which has worked as an alternative for cloud storage. However, recently the firm announced that it will be forming a partnership with Onehub, a cloud storage system.
BitTorrent Integration with Onehub gives Birth to a Hybrid

Onehub Sync allows integration of BitTorrent Sync with Onehub’s online file storage service. This hybrid approach is called by the two firms as a hybrid, peer-to-peer + one approach.
BitTorrent’s partnership with Onehub is expected to offer combined benefits that allow syncing directly between many peers by employing Onehub as a ‘persistent peer’ always available in cloud.
Positive Outlook of the Collaboration

The overall outlook of BitTorrent’s partnership with Onehub is positive. Also, this change has been a long time coming as syncing files has decreased to a great extent and currently, the trend is that only the new changes are synced instead of complete files.
BitTorrent’s collaboration with Onehub will offer many benefits to the consumers, such as:
  • Onehub Sync will allow instant updates when any changes are being made to a file
  • When users open Onehub Sync, it will start updating the file with the most recent version automatically
  • Storing files or data between peers will be provided at a bank-level encryption by Onehub Sync
  • Onehub Sync will grow with the enterprise and more devices can be added to the syncing network

According to the VP of product management, BitTorrent Sync, Erik Pounds, Sync is ideal for firms that have hundreds of people or several individual workgroups.
However, the Questions is…

The collaboration of BitTorrent with Onehub is expected to provide combined benefits for large enterprises such as reliability, speed, security, and scalability, according to Pounds.
Furthermore, Onehub has a strong portfolio, as it has provided sharing, storage, and collaboration services to firms such as Philips, Starbucks, and Dell. Though Onehub will now be able to attract new consumers due to its benefits and strong presence, the question is whether it will be able to nab existing enterprise consumers from the popular Dropbox and Box.
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