Biophotonics Technology Facilitate Analysis of Molecular Mechanisms at Cellular Level

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In recent years, shift in diagnostics and therapeutics paradigm have been observed. Nowadays, research work is more inclined towards viruses and cellular constituents such as nucleic acids and proteins, rather than on cell level. Thus, equipment required for research work should also be in compliance with the same scale, on nano-scale level instead of micro-scale.

Hence, application of nano-technology is growing to image similar biological process for analysis of biological materials. In the biomedical imaging process, gold and iron nanoparticles are extensively being used. For example, researchers from University of Rochester used gold particles on the tip of an optical fiber as an antenna. This will help in improving fluorescence of labeled proteins present in the cell membrane.

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These gold nanoparticles are coupled with laser, in order to destroy cancer cells. After research, it is concluded that silica nanoparticles are less toxic when compared to gold, and hence can be used to target certain tumors and pathogens. Further, these nanoparticles can help carry chemotherapy drugs to the tumors. This will reduce risk of any associated side effects on body.

Increasing benefits related to biophotonics, with the help of artificial markers and nanotechnology, is anticipated to drive the biophotonics market in forthcoming years.

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Biophotonics Market Witness Investment Inflow Due to Wide Range of Application of Technology

In coming years, biophotonics market is likely to gain robust momentum as a result of development in biosensors and its growing application in the non-medical sector. In non-medical sector, biophotonics technology mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to data and detection of pathogens in food items. This is a lucrative growth opportunity for the global biophotonics market.

 Moreover, investment inflow for research and development activities is likely to boost the market.

On the other hand, high cost of biophotonics-based equipment due to complex technology may interfere with growth of the market. However, with advancement of technology, cost of the devices are likely to reduce in coming years.

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