Biopellets Energy Market Popular Trends & Technological Advancements To 2024


Global Biopellets Energy Market: Overview

Biopellets are renewable sources of energy, which are widely consumed across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the U.S. They are a kind of solid fuel and have a uniform energy content, size, shape, moisture, and density. Biopellets are manufacturing using biomass types such as bark and sawdust. The widely deployed methods of manufacturing biopellets includes stages which are compressing, drying, pulverizing, and then molding biomass in pellets of cylindrical shape.

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The report studies in detail the various factors supporting the growth of the global biopellets energy market. It also lists down the key restraints threatening the market’s trajectory and discusses them in detail. For the purpose of the study the market has been segmented based on various parameters. Using proven research methodologies, the most lucrative prospects across these segments are identified. The report also gauges the impact of Porter’s five forces on the overall biopellets energy market.

Global Biopellets Energy Market: Trends and Opportunities

The global biopellets energy market has been significantly gaining from favorable government regulations aimed at curbing carbon emission by increasing reliance on renewable energy for the purpose of generating power. For instance, between 2013 and 2020 the government in Europe is committed towards reducing its emission levels by an average 20% under the Kyoto Protocol. Also countries across the region has several regulations in place to monitor carbon emission and encourage the deployment of greener technologies. These regulations have been in favor of biopellets energy thereby giving impetus to the market.

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The biopellets also offer advantages on various technological parameters. For instance, their price point is considerably lower than petro products such as heavy oil, natural gas, and diesel. Furthermore, the biomass production encouraged by governments worldwide is available at a lower price and also requires lesser capital investment, which is a chief driver of the global biopellets energy market.

Despite witnessing positive growth, the scope of expansion for the market players is restrained due to the limited number of large scale production facilities. Additionally, fluctuation in the availability of raw materials from other industries also pose threat. Besides this, the prevalent intense competition in the biogas sector is also acting as a major restraint to the global biopellets market.

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