Big Data Can Tell If Your Customer Is Happy With Your Service Ever

Industry Insights

Ever-increasing sales figures are no longer the measure of a company’s success. With customer relations swiftly transitioning to digital, consumer experience has become an important measure of success across businesses. According to Zendesk Inc., a US-based customer service software company, customer satisfaction dropped 2.2% globally in the last five years. Off late, most businesses are adopting big data analytics to provide personalized consumer experience.

Companies rely on data from multiple digital and non-digital sources. Some of these include messenger chats, social media, emails, phone, and in-person conversations. Further, companies use data from these sources for analysis. This gives them direction to improve customer experience.

A Better Approach to Tackle Tough Problems

Voice analytics provides digital analysis of interactions between customer service agents and customers. It assists businesses, irrespective of their size, to take their customer service efforts to the next level.

Speech analytics has been around for quite some time. But, recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has allowed companies to handle large volumes of data. Therefore, it helps develop data into breathtaking, real-time actionable insights. For instance, a company can predict if a customer call is progressing in the right direction. This can happen using digitized conversation and comparing key indicators against an all-inclusive database.

Also, it can assess the tone and pitch of a customer’s voice using benchmarks to assess customer’s experience. The technology can also evaluate crosstalk, pauses or silence. As a result, a company can now measure executives’ efficiency in resolving an issue.

Big data enters the market at the right time, not only for businesses using call centers, but also for the economy as a whole. Voice analytics has a significant role to play in improving customer experience. By utilizing big data-based voice analytics accurately, organizations can tackle toughest issues using real-time data. Further, it can also help channel their efforts to provide better customer service.

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