BeyondTV Received Patent for Privacy Technology

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Hotel Internet Services (HIS) has received patent by the USPTO for data security protocol employed in the BeyondTV devices. BeyondTV is a leading platform for hotel guests for accessing the online content from live streaming or wireless cats from personal devices along with television set in the guestroom. This has issued the patent no. 10,097,864 and named the ‘Guest Personal Data Protection.’ The technology provides security that deletes the complete information about online browsing or app, user’s information.

BeyondTV fulfills the demand for personalized content by consumers. It prioritized the need for consumers to protect sensitive data of consumer. The new system has security-enhancing features including the ability to delete the search history. Using the television, the guest can set their information and delete this information on checkout. Additionally, BeyondTV requires guest device registration to log in the television set in the room.

Gary Patrick, the CEO of Hotel Internet Services said that with the growing data theft and increasing concerns of security and privacy over the online connectivity of patented BeyondTV proves that security and privacy are possible to maintain. By obtaining high security, guest will be able to interact with the additional property revenue-enhancing features of the BeyondTV.

It can play promotional videos such as the advertisement of the other services of the hotel. Along with these promotional activities, the system will be able to play other recent stories. With the recent advancements, BeyondTV includes voice control and integration with the Alexa. This integration provider’s voice control over the television and the device. Also, the system offers control over lights in the room.

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