Beef Tallow Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2026

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Tallow is a rendered form of animal fat, commonly mutton or beef. The fat of beef makes beef tallow. Beef tallow remains solid at room temperature. The melting point of beef tallow is around 50 degree Celsius. Beef tallow looks like lard (rendered form of pork fat). Beef tallow color is closer to coconut oil. Beef tallow is a rich source of fat and contains small amount of vitamin D, and E. Beef tallow is widely used in cooking and baking due to its delicious taste, and it adds a good flavor to food. Beef tallow is heat-stable cooking fat and is resistant to oxidation. Due to its good oxidative stability, biodiesel manufacturer adds beef tallow to soybean oil to improve the latter’s stability. As beef tallow contains very less amount of polyunsaturated fats, this makes it very heat stable for cooking purpose. Since beef tallow has great stability it can be stored without refrigeration for a long time. Bound to the above factors, it is expected that the demand for the product would be high during the forecast period.

Beef Tallow is used in a different field from food to fuel. Its wide variety of applications include cooking (ingredient for deep frying), fuel (in the manufacturing of biodiesel), soaps manufacturing, animal feed, shortening, ointments, lubricants, candles, printing, etc. The growing number of soaps and lubricants manufacturing companies would escalate the demand for the beef tallow market in the future. Also as it is used as cooking fat, the growing number of food industries will boost the demand for beef tallow as it is quite affordable as compare to other cooking lubricants available in the markets. So, by these factors, it is expected that the demand for beef tallow would be high in the near future.

Most of the manufacturers of beef tallow are from North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Some of the topmost manufacturers and suppliers of beef tallow from these regions are Vet Feeds India Pvt. Ltd, U.S. WELLNESS MEATS,  Windsor Quality Meats, VietDelta Ltd., Tassie Tallow, Pridham Pty Ltd, Indian Feeds Company, Devra Trading Ltd,  More Industrialists and manufacturers are showing a keen interest in the beef tallow as the demand for the product is growing in dietary supplements and animal feed sector.

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Globally growing environmental concern is expected to boost the demand for beef tallow market as beef tallow is used in the manufacturing of biofuels that create less pollution as compared to fossil fuel. Also, the globally growing trend of eating delicious food would have a significant impact on the beef tallow market as beef tallow has a delicious taste, and it give a pleasant flavor to foods. For better growth in the market companies operating in beef, tallow market could focus on Asia Pacific region as this region is quite a price sensitive, and beef tallow is very affordable, and its cost is very less as compare to other cooking oils. Hence, it is a great opportunity for the beef tallow manufacturers to build their pillars in this region. In addition, beef tallow is also used in the manufacturing of the medicinal ointments which would additionally grow the market. The demand for animal feed is growing tremendously so new and existing players in beef tallow market should target animal feed sector to grow the market share of beef tallow.  Also, growing soaps and lubricants manufacturing industries is expected to boost the demand for beef tallow market in the coming years. Bound to the above factors, it is expected that the beef tallow market will grow positive during the forecast period.

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