Bag closures and seals Market Analysis by 2027 | Revenue and Growth Rate


The global packaging market is characterized by product innovation that facilitates ease and convenience in dispensing, usage and disposal of consumer goods. Bag closures and seals are packaging solutions made of cheaper materials with simple yet effective designs for reclosing or sealing of flexible bags. Bag closures and seals are widely used for food applications for sealing products such as baked foods, confectionery, powdered tea and coffee, etc. Manufacturers of bag closures and seals supply products that have additional functionality of acting as a label or a tag to display product and manufacturers’ information.

Advancement and innovation in the global flexible packaging market is the key driving factor for the global bag closures and seals market. Extensive scope of application of bags across end use segments is expected to generate revenue opportunities for manufacturers of bag closures and seals. The global bag closures and seals market is characterized by supply closure and seal products such as pull tight seals, fixed length seals and bread clips or bag closure clips popularly used for bread bags.

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Bread clips or bag closure clips have emerged in recent times as a significant product segment in the global bag closures and seals market. Traditionally used to pack sliced bread products, the bread clip packaging closure solution has emerged as one of the most popular consumer market packaging products over the years.

Bag closures are available in wide range of solutions for different application needs. The strength and material capability of bag closures and seals depends on the weight and other physical dimensions of bags. Closures and seals are available for all variety of bags including laminate bags, twist grade bags, paper bags, plastic bags, etc. Most of bag closures and seal are also printed with single or double line information. Hardcover bag closures are also capable of being coded with serial number for tracking consumer products.

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Pull tight seals and fixed length seals are comparatively modern products segments with extensive applications. Pull tight seals for bags are expected to emerge as fast growing product segment due to wide range of functionality and flexibility in usage. Manufacturers of pull tight seals for bags supply plastic pull tight seals in variety of sizes depending on physical dimensions of the bag. This allows pull tight seals for bags to be applied in a flexible manner.

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