Baby Drinks Market to Expand thanks to Skyrocketing Demand for Infant Formula

Baby drinks are drinks made for the consumption of children under the age of three. Baby drinks comprise infant formula and baby juice. All types of fruit juices made for the consumption of babies come under baby drinks. Infant formula is a dried milk product consumed after rehydrating it and this formula has emerged as a viable source of nutrition for babies, since it duplicates the human breast milk nutrition level.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests breastfeeding the baby for a span of at least 6 months, however, some mothers are unable to breastfeed due to a number of reasons such as time constraints, discomfort, and medical problems. As breastfeeding is not convenient for everyone, the healthy substitute of infant formula has become prevalent in the market, which helps fuel the baby drinks market.

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Major Advantages of Infant Formula:

  • Provides Proper Nutrition for the Growth of the Baby

Infant formula comprises nutrients that are necessary for a baby to grow and thrive. Commercially prepared formula brands pass all the necessary safety standards and provide the required nutrition. Some of the brands also add nutrients and vitamins such as iron, which helps prevent anemia in babies. Furthermore, a number of formula also include a probiotic named bifidobacterium lactis, which may help in reducing the chances of diarrhea, lower the risks associated with food allergies, and improve colic in babies.

  • Flexible And Convenient Choice For Working Women

Once the bottles have been prepared, a mother who feeds her baby with formula can leave her baby with a partner or nanny who can feed the baby at a stipulated time. Additionally, mothers who are formula-feeding do not need to look for a private place for nursing in public. It is also an advantageous substitute for mothers who cannot nurse due to the baby’s poor sucking reflex. Infant formula gets digested slower in comparison to breast milk, so a formula-fed baby requires less consumption as compared to a breastfed baby. Furthermore, the women utilizing infant formula to feed their babies do not have to keep a check on the types of food and drinks they consume, which have a direct effect on the health of breastfed babies.

  • Availability of Numerous Types of Infant Formula

There are a number of types of infant formula available in the baby drinks market in order to meet the diverse needs of different babies. Infant formula is commonly made out of soybean or cow’s milk and there are numerous types that are made using predigested proteins. A baby having an allergic reaction to the milk of cows or constipation problems could benefit from a formula that is soy-based. Additionally, if s/he has digestive problems, the formula with predigested proteins is best suited in this case. The baby’s pediatrician can help determine the best type of formula as per the specific needs of the baby.

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As per the United Nations, the current population of the world, which is 7.2 billion, is predicted to rise by one billion in the next twelve years and will reach 9.6 billion in 2050. The constantly increasing population of the world is helpful in stimulating the global demand for infant formula. Hence, the global infant formula market is predicted to double by 2017.

Nestle S.A., Nutricia, and Heinz Co. are the key players in the baby drinks market.
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