Awareness about Environment and Importance of Recycling to Prove Growth Generators for Recycled Fiber Market

Industry Insights

Growing concerns about the environment are on the rise and conservation has become a priority across the globe. Recycling products are important for the reduction in wastage and prevent harm to the environment. The post recycled-fiber market is expected to bank on these factors for expanding the growth rate. Waste generated from paper, paperboard, newspapers, magazines as well as fibrous waste from office buildings, homes, and retail stores is recycled. These recycled materials undergo processes to form post-recycled fibers.

Pollution has become a matter of concern for the entire planet. Plastic pollution is one of the grave issues and various government initiatives are in the process of curbing plastic waste. This can prove to be a growth multiplier for the post recycled-fiber market. The benefit of less reliance on virgin materials and over 99 percent recovery of residual materials from recycling products for use in new products are also great growth indicators for the post recycled-fiber market.

Advances in Post Recycled-Fiber Market to Boost Growth

The advent of novel technologies and innovations in the post recycled-fiber market will be a prime factor for increasing the growth rate. Automated fiber separation technologies like fibersort technology can be of great help and can help to recycle more waste. Fibersort is based on near-infrared (NIR)-based technology that enables waste textile to proves into feedstock for textile-to-textile recycling and assures complete waste generation. Such technologies can surely benefit the post recycled-fiber market.

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Expansion of recycled fiber facilities across various regions to suffice the increasing need for recycling may contribute to the growth of the post recycled-fiber market. For instance, Pratt industries have joined the bandwagon to build more recycled fiber mills across the US to enhance the recycling processes. Another company, DS Smith also announced the recycled fiber capacity expansion owing to greater future benefits associated with the post recycled-fiber market.

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