Automation Of Industrial Cleaning Processes Has Stoked The Popularity Of Cleaning Robots

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Perhaps a substantial drive for the cleaning robots market stems from the vast commercialization of robotic vacuum cleaners. Advances in engineering of robotics have further made them reliable, easy-to-operate, and useful in daily cleaning needs particularly in floor cleaning schedules in home as well as industrial settings.

Further, strides in commercialization were witnessed in the use of cleaning robots in industrial environments that are characterized by hazardous work. Automation of industrial cleaning processes has stoked the popularity of cleaning robots. Of special significance in the growth of the cleaning robots market is use of new proprietary software, advances made in 3D sensors and cameras, and deft use of artificial intelligence. The transformative potential of cleaning robots in household chores is underpinning the growing potential in the market.

The dynamic shaping the key end-use industry demand has impacted the recent spate of product launches in the cleaning robots market. This is comprehensively analysed in an in-depth study on the market. The analysis also takes a closer look at technological advancements that make cleaning robots smarter.

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Global Cleaning Robots Market: Notable Developments

Over the years, manufacturers of cleaning robots have flourished on the back of sizable funding they have able to secure on advancing the hardware and software. This has expedited the development of autonomous cleaning robots with more functionality and at attractive price points. Particularly, the trend is notable in the advent of new commercial cleaning robots that find applications in airports, malls, warehouses, and universities. The following development is one case in point.

Avidbots, a Canada-based company that has focused long on robotics for commercial cleaning work, announced in early 2019 that it has bagged $23.6 million in Series B funding. The investor round is led by True Ventures, a company showing keen interest in the vast potential of cleaning robots market. Areas of focus will include talent acquisition, engineering of new designs, sales and marketing of novel technologies. With this funding, the company intends to meet a wide range of worldwide demands for cleaning robots. Further, such funding will help it expand its product portfolio.

Numerous other key manufacturers of commercial floor cleaning robots, especially in the U.S., are also in the race to secure venture capital, which they invest in developing their propriety software and hardware.

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Global Cleaning Robots Market: Growth Dynamics

A large degree of momentum in the global cleaning robots market has come from the growing popularity of home robot. According to a non-profit organization, the International Federation of Robotics has projected the market for personal household service robots to surpass $10 bn by 2020-end. This lays a strong groundwork for the evolution of the cleaning robots market.

Over the years, manufacturers have launched cleaning robots with an array of features that make cleaning robots easy to control, such as through the voice command of Alexa. Technological advances have improved the sensing abilities of cleaning robots, thus making it more reliable. Further, adoption of advanced sensors in recent years has also resulted in cleaning robots with better obstacle detection capability.

Venture capital has proved to be vital for driving product developments in industrial automation. Adoption of cloud technologies has helped end users in the cleaning robots market take the advantage of automatic software updates. Emerging new robot vacuum concepts has imparted momentum to research and development in the cleaning robots market.

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