Pragati Pathrotkar


Imperial college London’s materials scientists have developed stronger crystal materials after combining metal science with 3D printing. These findings integrate people’s understanding of metals and accelerates the range of 3D-printed materials application in various fields. Moreover, this new invention comes as a potential solution in making of vehicles to medical devices. Generally, 3D printing technology helps in producing engineering components. The printed components include lattice structures, where the material patterns

Visually Impaired

Visually impaired children who would love to learn to code now have something to look up to. Project Torino, Microsoft’s approach to teach with a physical programming language incepted four years ago has taken bigger steps. Microsoft’s AI blog in March 2017 carried a story on project Torino. The project dubbed as physical programming language, is a result of research and design by a Microsoft team based in Cambridge, UK.


Lead-based perovskite is finding way as a low-cost and efficient material for solar cells, as per a recent study. Howbeit, the inherent instability and toxic nature of lead have raised major concerns pertaining to the sustainability of lead-based perovskites. This is thus hindering the adoption of these materials for large-scale commercial use. On the other hand, in another move, lead-free perovskites received recommendation because of toxic nature of lead-based perovskites.


A new development is underway in the opioid overdose treatment space. The Food and Drug Administration is making way for drug companies to have increased access to a life-saving drug. The move also includes lowering the cost of the drug used for opioid overdose. Naloxone, the labeling of the prescription drug for opioid overdose is receiving streamlining. The drug can counter opioid overdose if detected timely. As the move comes


Scientists have identified a new technology to develop smart hydrogels. Using 3-D printing technology, researchers combined alginate and graphene oxide, thus developing a smart hydrogel. The product is stiffer and softer than conventional hydrogels, research has found. This combination of alginate and graphene oxide has the ability to repel oil, therefore making it a potential antifouling agent. Graphene oxide as a nanomaterial is stronger than alginate, but weaker than graphene


Chinese scientists have planted a cotton seed on the moon, which has officially sprouted. This marks the first time humans have succeeded in growing biological matter on a planet other than earth. Before this, astronauts have successfully grown plants such as sunflower, lettuce on the International Space Station or ISS. According to Prof. Xie Gengxin, dean of Advanced Technology, such giant steps open the door to future survival in space.


The human-like robots what was once futuristic is now a reality. It can move, talk, and think to fetch a cup of coffee, and can dance too. It can by all means fill the void for companionship that humans crave for. A number of companion robots are now available for sale, and several of them displayed at CES in Las Vegas. These robots vary in size with some of them


A lot of talk is encircling the word autonomous as the year advances.  The concept of autonomous shopping is expanding in the retail sector. In autonomous shopping, store shoppers can experience the smell, feel, firsthand touch, and also view their desired products. Along with these, there is also a benefit of digital perk for not waiting in the checkout line. The marketeers will tag this shopping style as grab-and-go. Cohen

Virtual Reality

Over the past two years, the applications of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare has witnessed an explosion. At present, the technology is in the nascent stage before patients use it. So far, the medical use of VR has been mainly for education. In 2017, Royal London Hospital’s virtual surgery project involved the use of virtual reality. This involved surgeons in different geographical locations to perform operations together for experiential training.


Instagram, the photo-heavy social networking channel, has introduced yet another feature for its iOS app. The new feature will enable users to share the same post from the multiple accounts they own. This feature will be particularly useful for content creators. This is because it would allow them to post their work simultaneously on personal and brand accounts. This feature will also benefit businesses with multiple profiles by helping them