Pragati Pathrotkar

Sports Analytics Market to Expand as International Sports Events Witness Increased Participation

The demand within the global market for sports analytics has been rising due to growing competence across various sports events and tournaments. Sports analytics is a means to give key data to teams and sports persons that can in turn help them in gaining a competitive advantage over competing teams or participants. The rising popularity of several types of sports has paved way for the growth of the global market


What commonly believed is efficient computer systems, with bulky hardware and high-end processors are essential for autonomous driving vehicles. For a layman, driverless vehicles need support of costly computer hardware and high-end processors to run heavy applications. After all it is technology that has to make intelligent decisions on the roads! However, a new development in the space is falsifying such beliefs. An initiative of a startup, it envisions delivering

PC Gamers key to the future of Gaming Titles, says Microsoft VP

It is PC gamers who are critical to the future of electronic gaming be it Microsoft’s gaming console or Xbox console, says Microsoft’s VP of gaming. Underlining how crucial PC gamers are for a gaming company, revamping the store experience is Microsoft’s priority at this time. The Microsoft leader emphasized. During revamp, a new store experience for games will be the first priority. The company intends to factor in learnings


The day has finally arrived when advanced technology has completely emerged with medical science. The innovation of mobile bedside bioprinter is a proof enough to consider the statement. Imagine a day when a bioprinter carries patients’ own cells to treat large wounds – the day is not far off. Moreover, scientists have further innovated the bioprinter in a mobile skin bioprinting system, which can move to patients’ bedsides. Mobile bedside

Google Assistant

In this technological era, people are highly depending on their smartphones to get most of the complex tasks done. To ease out such complexities, Google has launched Google Assistant – a feature that can assist people whenever needed. Moreover, Google Assistant is one’s personal Google, more precisely having a personal assistant. However throughout the years Google Assistant could not engage any specific space in smartphones, always lived under the home


The sky is currently gray for YouTube. In the past, the video sharing channel has mostly re-gained advertiser confidence despite periods of grievances of advertisers. Such grievance periods have not been long. Advertisers in the past have seriously boycotted YouTube for placing violent terrorist content next to ads leading to hampered revenues for them. But this time it may not quieten easily. Google is in a serious damage-control mode after


A new discovery has found way for a better understanding of brain diseases. The method employs high-resolution method to analyze single cells. The finding is the work of a team of researchers under the aegis of the Medical Center at the University of Freiburg. Consequent upon this, researchers have mapped the brain’s own immune systems in human as well as mice. The mapping is entirely new from the ones in

eye makeup

The Gen Z and millenial consumers are extremely techno-savvy. These consumers also depend on free-to-air digital marketing channels and their peers to make purchasing decisions. Keeping this in mind, L’Oréal Paris has unveiled a new influencer-minded marketing strategy recently. This announcement would atleast turn a few heads in the global eye makeup market. The company made the marketing announcement on February 13, with a pack of various photo-editing filters on


The idea of combining games with education is nothing new, as today’s generation is growing up playing many popular games. With rapid technological advancements today’s educational games are also changing their shapes. Nowadays such educational games are solely based on building children own virtual worlds. Here’s come Roblox. It is basically a platform of coding, integrated with best VR apps for learning virtual reality for children. Moreover, this platform also


Stellenbosch University’s pollination biologist has come up with a new idea of using quantum dots to individual pollen grains. These quantum dots help the scientist to track pollen grains, mostly carried by the insects. Therefore, it would also aid the scientists to determine the whole pollination process of a flower. However pollination scientists are concentrating more on transferring pollen by a pollinator. Their aim is to know – whether the