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A New Approach Required To Handle Conflicts over Drug Prescription

Leaving infectious diseases untreated is encouraging usage of the antibiotics. Additionally, poor regulations for antibiotic supply hamper efforts for reducing usage of antibiotics mainly in developing countries. The study in Trials suggests these findings from a research by a team at the University of Warwick. Dr. Marco J Haenssgen demonstrates the impacts of contextual factors on clinical trials. The study suggests that factors such as health policies have an impact


Meditation is becoming popular in the U.S. and across the world. As a result, Calm, a meditation app has become a unicorn company today. The development comes after the seven-year-old company received US$ 88 million in Series B funding. Further, the funding came from TPG Growth, CAA, Sound Ventures, and Insight Venture Partners. The rising popularity of meditation from 4.3% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017 is a strong representation


Imagine it’s a family get together, and you are cherishing those lovely memories of childhood with your cousins. But, there is one who struggles to hear what you say. Doesn’t she deserve to enjoy as much as you are? Certainly. However, when you wonder how you could help her, Google brings the answer to it. The tech giant is launching two Android applications that will convert speech into text and


All your life, you must be traveling to several places. But, what makes your brain remember only a few of them? Ever wondered? Scientists at Columbia University find that a certain type of cells in our brain decide which places are important. Thus, helping us remember the route only to these locations. As a result, the scientists feel that this breakthrough could also help them find answers to psychiatric disease


Robots are getting even more close to humans. For decades, science fiction has visualized robots to be self-aware that may soon be reality. Human capabilities to imagine themselves in diverse situations is unique. Their imagination allows them to imagine future situations such as taking a stroll on the beach on a sunny day. They can recall past experiences and reflect upon to learn for the future. Humans and animals, however,


The retail sector creates news every now and then. In a recent development, giant retailer Walmart pulls off retailing through Google Express. On the other hand, in the voice shopping space, Walmart focuses to develop its business-specific action for Google Assistant. In addition, the giant retailer also withdraws from Google’s Shopping Actions service launched in March 2018. Walmart and Target are founders and partners of the Shopping Action service. Walmart


European countries such as Britain, France, and Germany are executing the plans for setting up a special-payment company. Their projects in building such company intends toward securing some trade with Iran, while completely defying the threats from Washington. However, for a shorter period of time, this new company had struggled to achieve its initial goal. The primary goal was enabling Tehran to import essential drugs and food at reasonable prices.

Protector Vehicle

The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and General Atomics struck a deal to overhaul the former’s remotely piloted Protector RG MK1 fleet. The deal involves fitting critical detect-and-avoid technology to the Protector RG MK1 fleet. Once the deal completes, the reaper fleet of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force will be passé. The contract is yet to be announce officially. Nevertheless, the capability will be part of the upgrades

Information Theory is Changing Machine Learning Concepts

Researchers have put forward a contradictory idea to the widely accepted working of machine learning. The scientists from MIT and University of Wellington applied the algorithm to typical classification examples. According to information theory, deep neural networks store encoded information within layers. Initial layers hold a signal to the classification of the item. In neural networks, intermediate layers hold information, which helps in the mapping of data. Raw data transforms


Imperial college London’s materials scientists have developed stronger crystal materials after combining metal science with 3D printing. These findings integrate people’s understanding of metals and accelerates the range of 3D-printed materials application in various fields. Moreover, this new invention comes as a potential solution in making of vehicles to medical devices. Generally, 3D printing technology helps in producing engineering components. The printed components include lattice structures, where the material patterns