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Smart Classroom Market Is To Be Reach At US$78.1 Bn By 2022

The global smart classroom market is currently in a nascent stage and is poised to rise impressively in the next couple of years. This coupled with reduced entry barriers because of the lesser amount of initial capital required, has drawn many new players into the domain of e-learning market. As a result, the global smart classroom market is both fragmented and competitive. Going forward, the competition in the global smart classroom market

Study Reveals Flavonoid-rich Diet can ward off Cancers and Heart Diseases

According to the findings of a new study from Edith Cowan University, consumption of flavonoid-rich food items like tea and apples safeguards one against heart diseases and cancer. Flavonoid-rich diet is particularly useful for heavy drinkers and smokers. Researchers from School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, made an analysis of data from the Diet, Cancer and Health cohort. It evaluated the diets of nearly 53,048 Danes over


Researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a design for flexible pressure sensor. This is highly likely to gain broader applicability. The research team form KAIST created a piezoresistive pressure sensor that is of high uniformity. Further, it has low hysteresis through chemically grafting a conductive polymer onto a template porous elastomer template. The KAIST team has identified that the consistency of shape and size

Smart Retail Market: Estimated To Grow At A Significant Rate Owing To The Growth In Integration Of AR/VR, IoT, And AI

The global smart retail market is estimated to grow at a significant rate owing to the growth n integration of technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, IoT, and artificial intelligence. These technologies enhance store operation, improve shopping experience of consumers, and accelerate inventory management. The development of these technologies enable retailers to face competition with online retailers, hence leading to retain the lost market share and customers. The report

Smart And Connected Offices Market: Increasing Work-On-The-Go Culture Is One Of The Major Factor Fuelling The Growth

Smart and connected office is a technologically integrated office whereby all the working processes in an organization are made simpler and flexible by extensive use of network based devices. Such integration enables the employees in performing their office tasks efficiently and enables the organizations in generating revenues by coordinating the various functions and reducing the power consumption by implementing eco-friendly processes. Over the traditional office systems, smart and connected office

Smart Plug Market: Emergence Of Innovative Products Like Wi-Fi Smart Plugs Is Estimated To Support The Market Growth

The developing nations are projected to offer lucrative growth opportunities for the market players in the smart plug market, which is expected to ensure rapid growth in the coming years. The rising disposable income of consumers and the development of lifestyle are further projected to accelerate the growth of the smart plug market in the coming years. The research report on the smart plug market is expected to offer insights on the

Urban Lifestyles to Spur On-the-Go Breakfast Packaging Market, says TMR

The global on-the-go breakfast packaging market is expected to be a host to an intensely competitive business landscape, reports Transparency Market Research (TMR).  Featuring high fragmentation, the on-the-go breakfast packaging market comprises a large pool of both small- and medium-sized vendors. Established vendors are seen expanding their product portfolios in order to keep their presence dominant in the market. The emergence of flexible packaging materials and further advances in packaging technology

Release Liner Market to Garner 6.30% CAGR during 2016-2024, Rising Demand for Food Products Drives Growth

The release liner market is an extremely fragmented and competitive field. Transparency Market Research (TMR) estimates that there are approximately 400 to 500 manufacturers in the global market. Additionally, the wide variety of end-use applications continues to fuel competition in the global release liner market. Some key players in the release liner market are Avery Dennison Corp., Mondi Group, Loparex Holding B.V., Rayven Inc., and Gascogne Group. The global release liner

Global Retail Ready Packaging Market to Expand at a CAGR of 4.3% over 2017 and 2025 as Retail Industry Increases in Size, find TMR

The demand within the global retail ready packaging market has been rising on account of advancements in the overall retail industry, finds Transparency Market Research (TMR). The competitive dynamics of the global retail ready packaging market have been changing in recent times, and this factor has created fresh opportunities for some of the leading vendors. The prominent market players in the global retail ready packaging market have been focusing on