Ganesh Rajput

Ganesh Rajput heads the SEO team at Transparency Market Research. His digital marketing strategies have always yield stellar results and to ensure those remain highly useful, he keeps himself abreast of latest changes in the domain of the search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social search optimization, and digital media planning. Armed with an engineering degree in information technology, he has rapidly made his way to the top with unflinching determination and hard work.

Sun or Rain, These Solar Cells Can Battle All of It!

The Research team of New York University, Tandon School of Engineering, develops a phenomenal means creating solar cells. These organic solar cells are resistant to air, light, and water. During the research, they removed the material from the device instead of adding any material to it. This is attained by sticking an adhesive tape to the device to strip off the electron receiving molecules. Degeneration of a device happens due

Ginkgo Highly Optimistic to Launch New Spinoff Motif as Future Food

Ginkgo Bioworks, a company with a dream to become the biggest Amazon Web Services bio- manufacturer, has launched a new spinoff. Their latest spinoff, Motif Ingredients aimed at developing proteins which can replace meat and dairy proteins. Launching Motif is the second spinout for Ginkgo after successfully introducing Jyon Bio, developing a crop yields improving bacteria. However Ginkgo’s move in introducing animal protein replacements helped alternative meat and dairy companies,

Uber About to Make Tactical Exit from India’s Food Delivery System

Uber has gained popularity in India and many more markets due to their offerings in ride-hailing and food delivery services. Apart from India, Uber provides extraordinary services in Russia, China, and Southeast Asia too. However the contradiction occurs when Uber adamantly declared that they won’t exit Indian market very soon. After such statement, the question raised if Uber wanted to stop their food delivery business or anything else. People are


Although with a jolt, India’s venture capital space is charged-up. Flipkart co-founder, Sachin Bansal invests US$92 million in Ola for India’s largest startup exit. With this, the Indian ride-hailing service adds a major name to the financing that it is seeking. Earlier, the deal rumored in January because of findings of The intelligence company noticed Bansal had committed to invest 150 crore. Today, Ola confirmed the deal, but the

Smart Home

Buying smart home gadgets and setting up those products is not at all challenging in this technological era. There are ample of smart home gadgets available in e-commerce sites which are a few clicks away to own. However, the giant retailers are going through difficulties in selling those smart home gadgets individually. Thus, Amazon stepped forward to cater this problem through their vertically integrated offering. Nowadays, exposing a smart home


Encryption plays an important role in securing one’s package. However, it adds complexity to the device or service. Moreover, the excessive data consumption is highly impractical on low-end and small devices. This is why Google wants to replace its encryption with a more efficient method – Adiantum. Encryption involves reversible transformation of one block of data into another. Such transformation is complicated as it needs extensive mathematical calculation to constantly


The current customer-relationship management (CRM) systems aide sales professionals store data about existing and prospective clients. The information might be sufficient for them to organize a discussion with the customer. However, it is inadequate to understand what made them crack or spoil the deal., a young company in the CRM space says it has a solution for this. The announcement comes in the backdrop of the startup acquiring US$

Facebook introduces tool for users to know Label behind Ad targeting

Facebook users having woes of compromise of personal information now have a sigh of relief. The social media giant’s initiative of last year to crack down non-consensual ad targeting will finally bear results. Facebook’s plan involves advertisers need to pledge to have permission to upload a user’s personal information. This information is email address, phone number or some other personal information. While the tool for crackdown debuted in June last


Reddit – the online platform that bills itself as the front page of the Internet is raising US$ 150 million to US$ 300 million. The move is to keep the first page of the Internet running, say sources. Reddit’s Series D is being led by Chinese tech giant Tencent. The latter values at US$ 2.7 billion pre-money valuation. Speculation is after raising funds, Reddit’s post-money valuation to be an epic


Time has a different impact on men’s and women’s brains. The metabolism of brain slows with the growing age, and this differs between women and men. Brain tends to shrink when people grow older, but men’s brains diminishing rate is faster than women’s. Washington University School of Medicine has found that women’s brains tend to stay younger about three years than men’s. Furthermore, the findings also explain that such difference