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Artificial Intelligence to Create Wonders by Remolding Gene Editing and Genomics

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The invention and usage of machines into the daily human life has begun years back. With time, the levels got upgraded from a tractor to a vacuum cleaner and so on. The new age of machines is the age of machines with brains of their own. Commonly known as artificial intelligence, it has started to impress humanity with its quick robotic techniques and perfect accuracy. The entry of artificial intelligence into medical and healthcare sector has also proved that the world will be a better place with artificial intelligence wiping away human errors in terms of surgical operations and so on.

With the successful entry of Artificial Intelligence into the world of surgery, now scientists are making an effort to introduce it into the field of genomics and gene editing. Genomics is basically the interdisciplinary field of science that focuses on evolution, functioning, mapping, and editing of genomes. Genomes, in a common man’s language are the absolute set of genetic materials or genes present in an organism or cell.

Faster Recognition and Immediate Action to Save Time and Effort for Researchers

Frost and Sullivan, a consultant firm is expecting the entry of Artificial Intelligence to generate revenue from the healthcare industry at a global basis. Genetic sequencing could create ground breaking results in the field of animal-husbandry as well as agriculture. Artificial Intelligence could sequence and analyze DNA faster as stated by the researchers. They also say that it is more accurate and cheaper and a new perspective could be gained in terms of genetic blueprint arranging all organism activities. With this insight, scientists could decide which organism could be susceptible in the coming years and what kind of mutations may cause various diseases so that the future could be prepared accordingly.

Human body and the sickness an ill health it undergoes in its lifetime is determined on a large basis by his own genetics. With the advancement in artificial intelligence and their immense coding and decoding power along with accurate senses to recognize data, scientists are now looking forward to both interpret as well as act on genomic data with the help of gene editing and genome sequencing.

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