Artificial Intelligence Powered TVs take Entertainment to Next Level

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With agile deep-pocketed players betting big on it, smart televisions have become mainstream. The result, more evolved versions underpinned by the latest-cutting edge technologies being rolled out every now and then.

One such to hit the market recently is by LG. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has created quite a stir with its best-in-class display, digital assistants, and other functionalities and features. It must be noted that almost all of those are driven by AI.

Meanwhile, other big names in the industry that have been leveraging intelligent technologies to better customer experience are Sony, Samsung, and LG. They are using such technologies for enhancing video and picture quality. They are also adding AI assistants to answer questions. And these are just some of the application areas of AIs in today’s crop of smart televisions.

And one thing is for sure – this is just a starting point. For researchers and companies are now focusing on more application areas. Those include means to combine AI with cinematography, design, editing, and even how one consumes content. Researchers are even attempting to leverage machine learning algorithms to bring about voice recognition and act on voice commands to make things happen on screen in real-time.

AI in televisions can take the user experience to the next level. Interestingly, the smart televisions these days are using the same technology to power voice assistants that Amazon and Apple bank upon to power Alexa and Siri respectively.

Those essentially work on the technology of speech recognition. Besides, AI powered televisions are also banking upon advanced machine learning, IoT, and computer vision to function better.

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