Are You Ready To ‘Work’ to Buy an App?

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Have you purchased any android app lately? If you have, you are a special one. Most android users seem reluctant to pay for apps. So, Google has come up with a new strategy to make users pay for apps.

Today, Google has introduced “Rewarded Products, a new option for android app developers to make revenues. Rewarded products will offer video ads to users in exchange for their time. On completion – Android users will rewarded with continued service, virtual goods or other benefits.

Google has showcased a new video instructing developers about the right usage of these products. The video seems to instruct developers to interrupt users at key moments during the usage of app, like engaging gameplay. It remains to be seen how users would respond to this development.

Conversely, this feature is expected to make Android developers rejoice. Despite the large base of android users, android app store was starting to lose ground. Apple store recently made twice as much in revenues as compared to Google play store. This is despite the large number of downloads on Android play store.

Pandora Subscription Model Promises Future

The new reward products by Google are not something new. Earlier, Pandora, a subscription based online music streaming service launched similar rewards successfully. Pandora started off as a free online radio. Then, the company offered video rewards to keep tuning in for users.

Google’s backing might take video ads to the next level. Google already monetizes Youtube ads and definitely has the know-how to get advertisers on board. Hence, Google and android developers can definitely take the revenue generation to the next level.

The real question is will the users stay or will they flee?

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