Arctic Fish Powder Market Not Only Limited To Feed Or Food Industry, But It Is Also Extensively Used In Flavor Industry

Industry Insights

Arctic fish powder is a powdered extract of fish found in the Arctic region. Arctic fish powder is used in food as well as feed items to enhance flavor. Arctic fish powder delivers the flavor of fresh Arctic fish. Arctic fish powder is prepared by cooking the fish from which the fat content is removed. The cooked fish is then dehydrated into a powdered form. These days, it has been witnessed that, Arctic fish powder is used in many manufactured products such as frozen meals, sauces, and packaged foods. With the increasing demand for Arctic fish powder across the feed industry, it is estimated that the demand for Arctic fish powder will also increase in functional food applications. The use of Arctic fish powder is not only limited to the feed or food industry, but it is also extensively used in the flavor industry, which is also bolstering the demand for Arctic fish powder across the globe.

Increasing Urban Population in the Asia Pacific Region

The demand for Arctic fish powder has increased in Asia Pacific, due to the increasing urban population, especially in China and India. The average growth of the urban population in China and India, in 2015, was 2.6%, and it is expected that this increasing urban population and their increasing expenditure on seafood products will drive the demand for Arctic fish powder in the near future. Increasing per-capita household consumption expenditure in countries such as India and China is also expected to support the demand for Arctic fish powder-based products in the Asia Pacific region.

Some of the key players operating in the global Arctic fish powder market are Savoury Systems International, Inc., Seagarden AS, and WOOFIELD CO., LTD., among others. Over time, more number of players are anticipated to enter the Arctic fish powder market, owing to its use in a wide variety of applications. Over the forecast period, it is expected that the demand for Arctic fish powder will grow significantly, due to the increasing growth of the pet food industry.

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Robust growth of the pet food industry is expected to lead to the higher demand for Arctic fish powder over the forecast period, creating an opportunity for manufacturers to cater to the increasing demand for Arctic fish powder across the globe over the forecast period. The nutrient profile of Arctic fish powder is very competent with the digestion process in livestock. In the coming years, with more protein alternatives coming out for fish and animal feed, Arctic fish powder could be used as a strategic meal for livestock. Arctic fish powder can be extensively used during a specific growth stage of the animals, for a diseased condition, or for broodstock purposes.

Moreover, Arctic fish powder is an important product in the pet food market. Arctic fish powder is a high quality and easily digestible source of food for pets, especially dogs. Arctic fish powder produced from oily fish is a source of omega-3 and omega-6 oils, and other essential micronutrients. Arctic fish powder, as a healthy food for pets, is a trend in the Western world, which is estimated to create huge potential for Arctic fish powder manufacturers in the next couple of years.

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