Archer Daniels Midland Company Officially Opens Sweetener Manufacturing Facility in Tianjin, China

Archer Daniels Midland Company ADM has officially inaugurated a new facility dedicated to sweetener manufacturing within its integrated food manufacturing complex at Tianjin, a port city located in North China. The opening was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony in the presence of the company’s key officials.

The complex is slated to be completed in 2015, and will be the company’s first fully owned and run production facility dedicated to food manufacturing in China. This manufacturing unit will also carry capabilities to manufacture soluble fiber – an important ingredient that is used for adding dietary fiber to an increasing number of foods and beverages today.

Both of these new production lines will prove critical to the company’s operations as the demand for these is growing stronger. The company’s APAC president, Ismael Roig said that the ADM recognizes its customers’ need for top-quality products that can be sourced from a reliable partner.

According to Roig, the company is investing heavily in high-growth economies such as China with the intention to reduce volatility in earnings and to scale up returns. In addition, ADM reckons that the facility will help the company meet China’s need for sustainable food supply from a reputable source. These needs have been given priority in the fifth 12-year plan laid down by China.

The ADM official said that Tianjin, being strategically located, provides easy access to both water and rail transportation, which will make raw material supply a seamless process.

ADM’s China operations were launched in 1995, with the acquisition of a plant manufacturing animal feed premix in the northeast province of Dalian.

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