Apple Cider Vinegar Market Growing At 6% CAGR Poised For Market Over 2019-2027: TMR

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Gone are the days when apple cider vinegar was only known for its benefits in facilitating weight loss and maintaining blood-sugar balance. While apple cider vinegar is one of the most commonly used ingredient in natural remedies as well as food products, manufacturers are exploring ways to broaden the width of its end-uses and industrial applications.

Apple cider vinegar sales have increased by around 4% per annum since 2015, reaching US$ 836 million in 2018, and dynamics of apple cider vinegar market have ceased to revolve around its health-promoting properties. Marketing campaigns to promote apple cider vinegar as the secret of celebrities and popular health fanatics will continue to remain on the cards for market players. However, in the future, apple cider vinegar manufacturers are likely to expand their horizons by launching products to appeal to the young demographic, which resonates not only with their health aspirations but encompasses wider elements pertaining to beauty and personal care.

There is enormous untapped potential for apple cider vinegar in sectors other than the traditional streams—health & wellness, and food & beverage. Leading players in the apple cider vinegar market are foraying into pharmaceuticals, personal care & cosmetics, and dietary supplements.

Personal care & cosmetics industry is emerging as one of the fastest-growing end-use segment for the apple cider vinegar industry. Manufacturers are capitalizing on consumer inclination towards natural ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. Apple cider vinegar is also becoming an integral part of consumers’ skin and health care beauty regimes, which creates new opportunities in the personal care & cosmetics industry.

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Manufacturers are exploring ways to improve functional characteristics as well as the taste of conventional apple cider vinegar by introducing innovative flavors. The trend of introducing novel ingredients, such as green tea, ginger, and walnuts, in apple cider vinegar is purveying among market players as specialty beverages with functional ingredients are gaining immense popularity. These innovations in the apple cider vinegar market are in sync with broader trends impacting the food & beverage sector, notably the spurt in veganism and growing consumer preference for natural and clean label.

Growing consumer inclination towards health and wellness products has led to market fragmentation and pricing pressures. Apple cider vinegar market players are tinkering with their product and marketing strategies to maintain their respective market shares. From mergers & acquisitions to effective marketing communications, the apple cider vinegar market players are likely to pull out all the stops in the near future.

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