Apple Blocked Google’s Internal iOS Apps after Abusing Certificates

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A TechCrunch investigation has found that Apple obstructed Google from distributing internal iOS apps on its corporate network. Apple took such decision after finding the search giant abusing the certificates. A Google spokesperson said that Google’s intention was fixing temporary disruption of their corporate iOS apps through working with Apple. On the other hand, Apple’s spokesperson said that their only intention was helping Google in quickly restoring their enterprise certificates.

However, TechCrunch has confirmed later in the day that Apple reinstated Google’s Enterprise Certificate for smoothly functioning their internal apps. Although, a complaint from Google clearly stated that Googlers restriction from accessing employee-only iOS versions apps. Moreover, they had also lost access to pre-launch test apps such as Gmail, YouTube along with shuttle and food apps. Such huge productivity loss of Google will make them to be more careful about Apple’s policies.

Apple Invalidating Google’s Enterprise Certificate as Punishment of Certificate Misuse

TechCrunch’s further investigation on this unveiled Google’s approach in violating Apple’s rules. Last Wednesday, TechCrunch found Google’s intention in using Apple-issued certificate for allowing their staff in building and creating internal apps. Furthermore, Google’s intention was creating one of the consumer-facing apps of Apple, Screenwise Meter, for their staff.

The design of such special app intends toward collecting huge amount of data from an individual’s iPhone for further research. Although, Google’s approach of using the special certificate was solely intended in allowing the users to bypass iStore.

However, Google have apologized later and accepted that they shouldn’t have operated under Apple’s enterprise program.

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